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Wedding Bells

Hey everyone,

Gahhh it's raining so heavily outside right now. Out of the eleven days here in UK, I think ten of the days were cold and wet lol. Why you hide sun? Can't believe I'm going back to Hong Kong in a few days! Get to see my doggies soon! I can't wait to bring them home eeeeee. 

My big sister's chinese banquet parties are finally over. We're glad it's all over and we made some awesome memories this week. So let's share some of the pictures of the day shall we?

Basically, as some of you already know - my big sister and my brother in law got married in January. They registered first and traveled around Asia for their honeymoon for a few months. They then returned back to UK to throw the chinese banquet parties before returning back to work in London. They threw one party in Birmingham and one party here in Northern Ireland so it has been very hectic indeed. I'm so happy to have a big brother in the family now and I know he will treat my big sister very well. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness. 

Max and I ^_^ He looks so cute wearing the asian flower thingie on his chest.

Kai looking all charming in his suit

Our family dog Max 

Granny Bubz with a MASSIVE smile on her face

I was doing everybody's makeup so I didn't have time to do my hair. I got my best friend to follow a hair tutorial on Youtube while I was doing everybody's makeup. Was such a busy morning!!!

The guys looking all smart suited up. Max is so cute!!

The girlies!

Love you both!

Here is a vlog of the big day for you all to check out. You can see the little traditions we do as well. They're pretty fun! Get to see the groomsmen getting tortured from waxing, nostril hair plucking and stuff.

I can't believe how much I miss making videos. Going to MAKE SURE we film a 'Boyfriend does my Makeup' tag video soon. He keeps making excuses and I think it's because he is nervous lol. Ok, time to do laundry now! Until next time!!

It's been so nice chilling with Max again. I'm so glad he hasn't forgotten about me. Still showers me in kisses and wants to be cuddled all the time.

Much love, Bubz xx


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