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Home Sweet Home!

Hi everyone,

How is everyone? I miss you all so so much. I finally got the chance to sit down and blog yey! Well, I've been back to United Kingdom for 6 days now and time is flying. As some of you know, I flew back for my big sister's wedding. We already had the first banquet in Birmingham a few days ago and we're having the second banquet on Monday. It has been pretty stressful but it's been so nice chilling with my family again. Aside from family time, I've been reconnecting with friends which is always nice. I feel a bit bad because one night, I just randomly burst into tears because I was so mentally and physically exhausted. Was a bit awkward for my family but I was so deprived of sleep it made me unstable. I needed to go home and sleep but I didn't want to be a buzz kill by making my family leave early. All I needed was a good cry and a good night's sleep for me to recharge. I woke up the next day and I felt 100 times better.

Ahh, it's only 10:38PM now and I'm feeling a bit tired already. It's probably my jet lag so I'm probably going to sleep soon. I just want to tell you all that I haven't forgotten about you guys. I  actually miss filming SOOO MUCH!!! It's only been 2 weeks or so since my last video and I'm getting withdrawal symptoms o_O I just don't have enough time right now to film tutorials but I have been vlogging for you guys =). I can't wait to vlog the wedding of Monday for you guys. I got some footage of the Birmingham banquet but not enough. When I get back to Hong Kong, Bubzbeauty videos will be up and coming and back to normal ok?

So this time coming back feels lot different for me. It's made me realise how attached I am to Hong Kong now. Things have changed so much here and even the stores in shopping centres aren't the same anymore. My bedroom is no longer the same anymore because it's emptied out. It's weird but Hong Kong feels like home to me now. I'm now used to shops closing late rather than 6pm. Even though I complain about the hot humid weather in Hong Kong, I miss it so much now lol. So weird right? It's probably just because I miss my doggies and the weather has been a bit gloomy since coming back. It's been very cold and wet so I hope everybody in UK keeps warm & safe. 

Everyday, I'm sent pictures of how Chubbi and Domo are doing and knowing they are kept safe and happy just makes my day. I can't wait to bring them home with me when I get back to Hong Kong ^_^. Sometimes I see dogs here and I get a bit teary because I miss them so much. 

I shall just show you guys some pictures and we shall call it a night if that's ok ^^ Sex and the City is on so I'm just going to watch it until I fall asleep tehee..

A recent picture of Chubbi & Domo emailed to me. Seeing them happy makes me smile. Look at their little faces hehe.

It's been awesome eating lots of good old british & western food. I have been eating SO MUCH. Will have to make up for it by gyming lots when I'm back in Hong Kong.

Tim and I at China Court ^.^ We were very sleep deprived but Tim is all smiles as always.

My lil sister and I as bridesmaids ^_^

With my cousins Leon and Josh and of course my siblings April and Ricky.

Doing my big sister's makeup

The first banquet was basically the groom's family's friends and relatives so I probably only knew 5% of the people there (that would be our own family lol). The one for Monday, I should know more people since it's going to be the bride's family and friends so I'll take more pictures then. 

Eyes are falling. Must sleep...

Good night everyone! Don't forget about me sniff sniff... ^^

Hehe, thought I'll share something cute too. It's a dog pool party!!! I wanted to jump in and join too!! It was so hot and sunny that day and the doggies were LOVING IT. 

Much love, Bubz xx


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