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Love the Girl in the Mirror

Hello my sunflower babies,

It's been a very productive evening indeed. Spent my day editing an 'Airplane Beauty' video and honestly, I had the most fun filming for it (never flew on an imaginary airplane before, tehehee). I then I headed off to the gym for a good work out. Really pushed myself today and managed to burn off 1050 calories, not including weights. So yeah, I'm feeling very productive and proud. 

Next week, I'm flying back home to UK for 2 weeks for my big sister's wedding. I'm really looking forward to spending quality time with my family, girlfriends and doggie Max. I'm gonna miss Chubbi & Domo so so much.  They're going to be looked after well so that puts my heart at ease a bit. Will be a nice break to be back home indulging in Granny Bubz delicious home cooking. I miss the salted chilli squid from our family restaurant too! Not to forget, the awesome Western restaurants of Belfast. I miss eating Western food so much! Especially a good Sunday Roast. Thinking about all the food is making me drool.

Lately, I had a thought and it's about how the society makes makes us ladies feel so ugly. Ya huh! There's a reason why they spend millions of dollars for advertising and marketing strategies. To make you unsatisfied with your life and yourself. Sometimes we get so caught up in society's definition of beauty which is 'Perfection', an unrealistic target that constantly moves. Truth is, it's the society that's ugly. No wonder we are so critical about ourselves when we look at the mirror. Growing up, I avoided mirrors as much as I can because in less than 3 seconds, I can easily detect all the flaws of my face. It's amazing how I can look pass my sparkling brown eyes and put all my attention to my spotty teenage skin and flat nose. Do you know it takes 7-8 compliments to cancel out a criticising comment? Human just tend to hold on to negative emotions so you can get complimented all day long and one single criticism comment can ruin your entire day.

So for the past week, I have been looking into the mirror and for once in my life, I didn't look for cracks in myself. Who is this girl? She is Lindy Tsang. She is 4ft 11 of beauty and perfect just the way she is because God created her in His image. She likes to paint, eat and read. She is clumsy and random. Now, if I were to compliment her, I'd say "She had balls to travel half way around the World to start up her own little company". Or perhaps "She speaks to thousands of girls around the World to happy with who they are and be comfortable in their own skin". Or "She inspires girls to go out there and try to make a difference to the World". Or simple nice things about myself would be "She really cares for her friends and would do anything for them. She's exercising again and keeping fit! You go girl!!!". I've never ever said this to myself before. I've heard wonderful encouraging comments from wonderful people but when you speak to yourself and really believe it, you will be amazed with how much compassion you will have for the person you see staring back at you at the mirror. When I look at the mirror, damn it I love this girl and I'm going take good care of her by encouraging her rather than stomping on her. 

So now when I look at the mirror, I see a loving girl looking back at me with eyes that look for goodness in others and herself. Instead of looking for the bumps, wrinkles and flaws- look beyond these external factors. I reccomend all you ladies to do this too. I learnt this method from a book (Being Happy for No Reason) and apparently lots of girls do this too. Don't be embarassed. This is just between YOU and YOU (err). Maybe make sure nobody is around when you talk to yourself. Don't just think it. SAY IT! There is power in your words and the more you say it out loud, the more your mind will believe it. 


Lindy is a girl who likes to smile.

I've been bringing my trustworthy note book with me wherever I go lately. I've been doing a lot of self reflecting and I realise the more I obsess less about myself, the more I realise that there is more to life. I'm set to do a lot of traveling this year and I am beyond excited. I know I will find new inspiration and thank goodness because inspiration is what takes me to places. 

"There are two great days of a person's life. The day we are born and the day we discover why"- William Barclay. What a wonderful quote. What's your purpose in life? A lot of people are fooled into thinking that their job/acheivements are their purposes. Well truth it, it's actually bigger (but simpler) than that.  It's simply just being able to do what's meaningful to you in life. I realised my purpose is to inspire and to spread love & happiness. "It isn't in the activity in life that defines your feeling of purpose. It's your perspective". Truth is, inspiration is what gives me the will power and courage to go out there. 


I have a feeling that after this year, my life will be completely changed. My eyes are going to open, my heart will grow bigger and I will have learnt so much. It sounds so vague to you guys so far but in time, I will let you all know what I'll be up to ^_^ 


Thought I'll end this post with an adorable doggie picture!!! CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!


Much love, Bubz xx



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