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Tree of Dreams, Gym & Diablo 3

Hi everyone,

It's not even midnight and I am feeling so tired and sleepy =_= I think it's because I over worked myself at the gym today. Saw a hot guy at the gym and thought to myself 'MUST WORK OUT EVEN HARDER!!" I love how the apartment's resort has it's own gym so I can just pop downstairs to work out. Back in University, I just wasted my monthly subscriptions to the gym because it was such a trek to get there. I really see now why people work extra harder in proper gyms than within their own homes. When you're at the place, you think "I'm here, might as well stay longer" but when you're at home, you just get distracted so easily. 

So I've been doing a lot of cardio and it's not just because I want to tone up for Summer. I want to work my heart too and stay healthy. I have pretty muscular thighs so you would think I would avoid running & cycling but I don't care lol. I just want to burn fat and build stamina. 

Look what was on the screen while I was running! Journey to the West!! Such a classic!! My FAV childhood drama of ALL TIME BABY!!!! 

I've been feeling so much more energetic now and I don't know if it's because of exercise but I feel extra happier lol. They say exercising pumps happy hormones so it's nice to do proper cardio on top of the dancing / areobics. So I aim to burn around 500 calories each time I go to the gym and I've been keeping it three times a week schedule. Hope this keeps up. Hmm... wonder if Mr Hot Guy is gonna be in the gym tomorrow lol. I know I know guys, what about Tim!! Well, I'm just looking!!!!

Plus, apparently I lose my boyfriend tonight because he only needs Diablo 3 LOL. I'm gonna finish this entry and resume the game too lol!!! HEY! I'm intrigued too! This time, I can actually start all at the same levels as my friends too so WOHOO for that. If I can't see my boyfriend in real life, I'll see him in the friggin game. I choose to be a monk and my character even has a sexy exotic accent too. Nice way to destress myself by killing monsters and skeletons. I like it so far! Pretty fun fun but think there is a slight problem with our Internet. Lots of lag. Tim isn't a happy bunny. See? Men get PMS too. It's called LAG. 

Some of you probably already know this but I got bitten bad last week. I normally avoid scratching ANY of my bites because my body reacts really bad from scratching but I must've scratched during my sleep because I woke up with a bite that swelled up so big, it took up half of my thigh. 

My bad ass bite >.< Dayuuum! Good thing it's healing up! MOSQUITOS! THIS MEANS WAR!!!

I uploaded another painting video this afternoon and I want to thank you all for your wonderful comments. I'm glad the video helped to destress your day. I actually comtemplated on whether I should upload the video because I knew it wasn't my best work but I hoped you guys will still appreciate the spirit of the painting. The comments have been wonderful and I'm getting amazing constructive advice too. If you haven't checked it out already, I hope this video will calm your heart & uplift your spirit ^^

The whole idea of this painting is to have it look as if it's overlapped by two layers. Reality vs Dream. As hard as it can be to believe this at times, they can come together through preserverance. I'm not going to spoil the meaning of the painting by talking about it here so I'll let you guys watch the video instead hehe. I hope to make more of these painting videos guys. I'm serious when I say I want to be an artist one day. I'm just training myself and sharing it with you guys motivates me even more and makes it even more special. 

I went on BlogTV a few days ago and I just want to apologise to those who asked questions but never got an answer. The questions fly so quickly on my screen and it's just impossible to answer each one. I realised BlogTV is really not made for detailed answering of questions especially when there is a big audience. I got some really good personal questions but I couldn't answer them well because, truthfully I am just not good at giving advice on the spot. I need to put a lot of time and thought when people ask me questions so I promise I WILL answer your questions for my Girl Talk videos ok? 

So to end this diary entry. I just want to share an instrumental I found online. I heard it and right away, it somehow inspired me to paint. It sounded so beautiful and It's weird because I just imagined how that piece of music would look transf
erred into a painting. I imagine a magnificant sunset. Isn't it nice to just enjoy music sometimes without words? Mmm... relaxes me and soothes my heart. 

Have an awesome week everyone!

Much love, Bubz xx


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