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Open your Heart

Morning World!!

I am feeling so uplifted and refreshed today! The weather looks so sunny and beautiful (although let's keep the windows closed shall we? Mosquitos go away!) and I know my day has just started but you know what? It's gonna be great!


So first of all, thank you so much for everybody's kind supportive words. I was just writing a blog and really, it is such a small childish deal you know? It's barely even a problem. I had a wonderful day yesterday with Tim. We went out for lunch, then for a nice drive in the beautiful scorching weather and taking our two doggies for a walk. Watching my doggies running happily across the park just makes me so happy. 

So last night, I listened to a podcast from the Cornerstone Church and the topic was called "The Unfamiliar Passions of God". I highly reccommend this podcast because it was not only funny but heart warming. I went to bed with the biggest smile on my face. It started off heart breaking to hear about the injustice in the World and then my heart was overwhelmed by the love of God. I don't know when exactly I fell asleep but I know it was pretty late because I kept having conversations with the Lord until I fell asleep. 

So then I woke up and I read the most uplifting messages from my sister and something in me told me to get out of bed and share these wonderful thoughts. God spoke to me through my sister and He said:

"Lindy, remember that people who hurt you are also human so you need to have a forgiving heart. The tongue is a dangerous weapon that can cause destruction but you must have a heart to forgive."

He told me that I also do many wrong things in His eyes but He always forgives me so I should forgive others. I am in the wrong too. All these thoughts I rehearse in my head "How could your friends do this to you? Don't you feel betrayed? You shouldn't have to deal with this" are all unhelpful thoughts from Satan. I should cast these thoughts down because deep down, "all children of God want to follow His will". I want to forgive and I don't want to be angry. Satan is a liar and through temptations, it makes me sin by thinking, saying and doing bad things. Don't let it snowball. Stop. 

My sister said "This experience may be bad for you and your friends but in God's eyes, He planned this to happen so that you can learn something new so I can grow and mature." Instead of worrying about how to deal with things now, I should just concentrate on having a forgiving heart.


So guys, I don't know who has wronged you but remember that God is also hates sin too. He promises to be with you through your hard times. Be patient and remember He will not leave you alone and through these obstacles, he will help you grow. We can't see the depth of our pressure unless we see how we react in pressure. 

You ever heard the story about Jesus feeding four thousand with 7 loaves of bread and 2 fishes? It was actually a little boy who gave Jesus the food. It's wasn't much but he gave all he got and you know what? Jesus was able to use it and make a massive miracle to feed thousands of people. 

So whoever you are and whatever you have, you are not worthless to God. Come as you are and he will make a miracle out of you. He intended you to be here and He loves you very much. Whatever I have? I give it to Jesus. This is why I am writing this post. These may just be words but I pray that God can use these words to penetrate into your heart. 

I know some of you reading this may disagree because you have your own beliefs. That's fine. Are you wondering "Why are you sharing this for? Keep your faith to yourself". 

No, I just can't. Because Jesus says we are the light to the World. I refuse to hide the light by being quiet. I'm not going to go along with the crowd and I'm not going to deny him =) You want to bring Heaven on to Earth? Compliment someone today. Help someone in need. Shine light in someone's heart. If you're someone out there who wants to know God, I just suggest you to pray with all your heart. In time, you will hear his gentle whisper and experience his magnificent love. 

So before I end this post, I want to thank my ever so knowledgable sister Claire. You've always been such an amazing big sister to me and everytime I talk to you, my heart grows a little bigger. Thank you so much for reminding me all the precious things in life. I'm truly blessed to have such a wonderful sister like you. I hope together, we can walk in faith and grow stronger ^_^.

I hope this post refreshes your heart and soul. I love you so much guys. Alright! It's time for breakfast! 


Be blessed today!

Ps. Seriously, if you're at a stage where you want to know God but you just can't because of all the tragic things happening in the World. I ask you to listen to the Cornerstone podcast "The unfamiliar passions of God". Your heart will be delighted. I promise you!

Much love, Bubz xx


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