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Funny or Hurtful?

Hello everyone,

It's been a little while since my last diary update, I hope you all have been well. I'm just starting to recover from my hackling cough. I know, why am I always falling ill right?  I have no idea either =_=" My cousin Leon always say I'm a Hypocondriac and it is basically when someone thinks they are always sick. I probably am lol but where does the flem and mucus come from then? Hmm???  

So it's 9:30pm right now and I'm just waiting for a video to be imported from iMovie so I'm just chilling in front of the TV for now. The weather has been so beautiful lately but insanely HOT! No joke but I am just too afraid to leave my apartment! It's only May so I can't imagine what the weather is going to be like in August o_O. I know Domo we were all sad about Domo getting shaved and looking like a chicken but I don't think it's such a bad thing after all now. Poor Chubbi must feel so warm in her constant fur coat. 

Hmm... I feel like I'm stuck for words. What have I been up to? Mmm... I've been painting (freestyle) and to be honest as you can probably guess - I've been trying to prepare a painting for the Dedication video. I guess I just want to make magnificent art for you guys so I put lots of pressure on myself. I'm obviously not ready to make great art and that's why I've been painting because I want to practise but I really haven't been too happy with my work hence the delay. I'm sorry guys. I've been stressing myself over this. I hope to be an artist one day and I want to create beautiful art you know? I want to auction them and put the money to good cause by donating to charities. If I want to give back to society, I want to put my heart into it. I don't go through a day without thinking of this painting. I just don't want to do it half heartedly you know? I'm getting too deep now lol, I just need to go back to the 'enjoying to paint' stage rather than give myself pressure but gentle pressue isn't too bad of a thing hehe.


Hey everyone! So I kinda just went off last night without finishing this entry. So Sorry! I guess I didn't really have the mood to finish due to a little mishap. I was sitting in front of television with Tim enjoying TVB (like I mentioned earlier in the post) when I suddenly got two messages from two of my friends. Honestly; when finished I reading their messages, I paused for a minute because I was wondering if somebody else hacked their phone. But no, they were just clearly under the influence of alcohol (or not, who knows). Tim read the message with me and he was quiet the whole time like he didn't know what to say. What did they say? Probably don't need to go into detail but you know how I always say the quote from Dr Seuss- "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind?" Well, I always agreed with this. I ignore the random people who don't know me who say nasty things about me but what happens when it's your closest friends that use this against you? I know they probably didn't mean to offend me or maybe they meant to offend me but thought I would laugh with them because it's supposed to be funny. But I really don't know what was the whole point in pointing out my physical flaws out of the blue and making fun of me. And to say "I mean this in the nicest possible way" before making fun of how I look? I'm sorry but there is no "nicest possible way" to make fun of somebody. I like jokes and I can take jokes as but there's a line between funny and insensitive.

It was just randomly out of the blue and this really isn't the first time one of them got drunk and said something hurtful to me. I brushed off the first time because you know, we're friends! We're not supposed to hold grudges right? Plus, alcohol makes you say silly things but I will speak up because alcohol is never an excuse for you to act immature & get away with it. I honestly expected more from them and I was just so disappointed and hurt. I really thought after all these years, they would understand how much slack I get from the Internet. But I would always be alright blocking off the negativity from those that don't know me, but from them? Anyways, I did wake up this morning and I feel so much better ^_^. Tim is free today so we're going to go have lunch and then shopping aftwards. I probably don't need to type this sort of stuff here but what the heck, this is supposed to be my  blog right? I don't need to sugar coat my life. But really, I guess this isn't such a big deal really...

Anyways, off emo-bubz and moving on to a happier topic! A very special youtube friend and I are currently preparing something big and amazing this year. I can't say what it is but I I hope you guys will be excited when it's announced officially (well hopefully lol). We're so excited and we're just in talks of preparation etc right now. It's gonna be amazing! It's been in talks for a while and I can't believe it's actually going to take off! Wohooo! 

Ok, off to get changed! 


Everyday between 6.00 - 6.30pm, I try to catch the sunset and watch it go down. It's just so beautiful and even though I end up seeing dark spots afterwards (don't do this by the way), it's so worth it because I just can't take my eyes off the sun. After a stressful day of work, it's just calming to see the sun go down. No matter what happens, the sun will always set. If you had a crappy day, there's always tomorrow because the sun will always rise =) Time doesn't stop for anybody so make the most out of it while you got the time ^^

Ps. Editing the Tiffany inspired look/hair tutorials right now. Will try to finish asap for you ^^

Much love, Bubz xx


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