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Chubbi and Domo got a haircut FML

Hello hello!

Tim is making me dinner right now. So cute seeing him concentrate so much on chopping up chicken. I've been feeling dizzy and nauseated today so he's being a sweetheart and cooking tonight for a change. I must've been staring at the screen for too long so my eyes got really red today. Usually when I look down at my laptop screen, the strain on my neck gives me headache (Do you need some cheese for your WHINE Bubz?) so I went on 'LEAVE ME ALONE MODE' haha. 

But I feel a lot better after a nice hot bath now.  I get tired so easily now compared to when I was 16-17 years old sniff!!! Used to be all 'Pshh, sleep is for the weak' and now I'm always hoping to get a nap (Seriously, you sure you don't want cheese with your WHINE?). Yesterday, I headed out to Prince Edward (it's a place! Not a person incase you're confused) with my sister and we picked out the flowers, hair accessories and jewellery for her Wedding day. I actually had to pick up my mum's dress and because I forgot my reciept, the guy asked to see my Hong Kong ID. 

Guy: *looks at my ID* WOW! So pretty!
Me: *Face lights up* The picture?
Guy: No. Your ID number!!!
Me: =_= ....
Guy: The digits are very lucky!!!! (Chinese people tend to be very superstitious and believe numbers such as 2 and 8 to be lucky).
Me: ..... Just give me back my ID!!

Yeah, we had a good (awkward) laugh about it. What a weird compliment. Actually, a couple days ago I was also mistaken as a hooker (no wonder Bubz has been mardy haha). I was standing in the streets (possible reason right there) waiting for Tim because he was getting something from Seven Eleven and this old man approached me. I was so disgusted!!! I wasn't wearing makeup that day and I was looking my usual scruffy self (those who know what I look like off camera will understand hohohoho)!! How could this be? He then realised he made a (AWKWARD) mistake and apologised and ran off. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF OLD MAN! He had a walking stick and all! How could he possibly think he would have the energy to 'jiggy jiggy' as my mum calls it. Aaah why am I talking about this? It's almost dinner time too! Change subject, change subject.


The night before Chubbi & Domo got their 'trim'. Chubbi looks like she is smiling (awkwardly) for the picture, showing her teeth with her 'Cheeeeeeese' pose. Really, she was just bummed out because Domo kept annoying her from her nap. 

Oh yes, we took Chubbi & Domo for a "trim" a few days ago. Chubbi looks even cuter now with her ears rounded off. Domo is a different story >.< LOL. Well basically we took him back to the family that gave us Domo and they do grooming as well. The woman told me that poodle puppies MUST be completely shaved in order for their new fur to grow in thicker (I don't know if this is the case but since they're grooming experts, I thought ok sure). So, after a few hours I went in to pick up my dogs. I saw Chubbi first and she looked adorable as always. Then I saw Domo from the window and I could see his fluffy teddybear looking head so I thought 'Oh ok, maybe they didn't shave him after all'. SO ADORABLE! Then, I see him stand up and I realise his body is completely shaved. Imagine a teddy bear looking poodle head with a chicken body! I was horrified lol. Why did they shave his body but leave his head?!?! The lady said she was afraid Domo wouldn't be able to handle it. What???? Sigh... So here is how he looks.

MY DOMO T_T It looks as if someone successfully mutated a poodle and a chicken together ahhh. His head looks so big now!! This could've been such a cute picture too. His head is groomed so cute like a teddy bear. But his body?... sob sob... When I stroke him (that's what she said), it feels all warm and it's like I can feel all the bones lol. But it's ok, I still love you! 

He doesn't seem too bummed out with his new do. I always hold him in front of the mirror and he's probably thinking "Who's that poodle? Poor guy getting a haircut like that!" but he doesn't know it's actually him lol. I'm always afraid he's cold now. I'm scared to turn on the aircon even though it's boiling in Hong Kong right now. Should I get him a sweater? The lady said poodles tend to grow fur very fast so it's fine but.... T_T Ironically, his name Domo means 'Lots of hair' in chinese. Now he should be called 'MoMo' which was the original idea and that means 'No hair' haha! Nonetheless, he is still adorable as ever. Still love him to bits! If it gets chilly, will have to get him a sweater or something? 

Chubbi looking all depressed after her hair cut. But she looked soo cute!! Domo was probably all "What are you sad about? LOOK AT ME!!!" XD.

Cute pic of Tim taking a nap with Domo. He looks like a teddy bear! Of course, you can't see his little chicken body here because... well, I cropped it so it will look cuter and less creepy? That cute little face!!!!! 

Saw this on 9gag and thought it was too cute and funny! Imagine if Domo sued me for his bad hair cut! I still feel so bad! I'm not used to him not being fluffy & scruffy. 

Just had dinner. Stuffed! Tim is taking a huff on me because I didn't eat my brocolli >.< I ate everything but the brocolli but it offended him lol. I know I know guys, brocolli is healthy yes I know. But... I just don't like it. I love carrots, celery, mushrooms etc but not brocolli!!!!! 

Ok, time to chill with the doggies!

Good night everybody!!

Much love, Bubz xx


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