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I'm Back from Seoul!!!

Hello everybody,

I hope you have all been well. I've missed you guys so so much! Feels amazing to be able to use the Internet again! Aiya trying to type but Domo & Chubbi keep jumping over my keyboard, crazy doggies! Been feeling a bit sniffy since coming back from Seoul. The weather was a bit chilly but for some reason; the malls, underground and trains tend to be very stuffy (why no aircon?) so the constant fluctuation of temperature made it easy for us to catch colds. I had a wonderful time in South Korea but it does feel good to be back home again and sleep on my own bed tehee . I forgot how hot and humid it is here in Hong Kong. I do miss the fresh air in Seoul though (and the food, shopping and adorable language).

Only got back last night and my suitcase is still only half unpacked because I've just been catching up on rest and settling in. I've only got two more episodes left to watch on 'The Moon Embraces the Sun'. I thought about the drama constantly throughout my trip and I just couldn't wait to come back and finish it. Can't emphasize how much I adore kim Soo Hyun's acting! Looking forward to watching more of his future dramas for sure.

Anyways, back on the subject of my trip, I thought I would be vlogging a lot but due to the lack of time and compromise etc, we didn't get to go to as many places we hoped but we did do A LOOOOT of shopping. Omo! Feel sorry for Tim who had to endure the crazy walking. Luckily, he's a very patient guy and as long as there's benches for him to sit from time to time, he'll stay chirpy. We walked for at least 9-12 hours everyday for the past few days!!!!! I never really appreciated foot massages until now. We walked so much that I actually resorted to buying flat flip flops and wearing them for the rest of my trip (I bought my wedged Ugg boots but they were making my feet suicide). 

I have a huuuuuge haul to film for you guys. tomorrow. It will probably be a long ass video since it's gonna be a makeup, skincare and fashion haul. 

My eyes are still feeling really tired and heavy. Let's show you guys some pictures and we'll call it a night ^_^ 

We did a super trek (due to not knowing the directions and walking the long way instead =_=) to make our way up the Seoul Tower. On our way up, I had to take a picture of this beautiful sunset ^_^

I thought they were Christmas trees but as I walked closer, I realised they were made of Love padlocks! So cute!!!

Love padlocks in different colours and shapes with messages written on them!

Seoul Tower lit up at night ^_^ Epuda!!!!!

Over looking the beautiful lights of Seoul at night.

We visited the Gyeongbokgung Palace which was nice. All of the pretend guards were falling asleep which was hilarious. One pretend guard was so tired, we saw him crash into a wall! It's a shame because the palace was actually destroyed over and over again during War so a lot of what we saw wasn't exactly too authentic. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it because I was thinking about the drama 'Moon that embraces the Sun' the whole time tehehe.

Little me! I didn't take very much pictures because I felt/looked tired throughout the trip *_* No amount of makeup could conceal the puffy eyes boohoo.

You see that painting behind the throne? Apparently only the King was allowed that painting! I saw it in 'The Moon embraces the Sun' and recognised it tehee.

Some random observations in South Korea

  • It's true! Koreans are TALL (well compared to alot of Chinese/Japanese people), made me feel even more like a shrimp lol.
  • Big Bang's 'Fantastic Baby' was played constantly everywhere. I didn't mind =)
  • I used to think K-Dramas were very exaggerated with their expressions but now I can see in general, the public just speak like this. It's sooo cute! I always get excited when I can pick out little bits of their conversations! 
  • People were very kind and helpful!
  • LOTS of skincare/makeup stores!! Brands like Skinfood and Missha is half the price in Seoul compared to HK (well, kind of expected since they are Korean brands).
  • Chopsticks were very heavy. I couldn't use them properly. Was so embarrassing because I looked so stupid trying to eat my food.
Hopefully I'll get back into video/vlogging/blogging mode soon. It feels good to be back, good night everyone zzzZ...

Much love, Bubz xx 


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