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Cute Bunny Nails (HAPPY EASTER)


How is everybody this morning/afternoon/evening? It's currently 3am now and I'm enjoying the quiet (except not so quiet) moonlight (what am I talking about?). So tomorrow night, I'll be flying off to South Korea with Tim's family. Looking forward to the trip because I've ALWAYS wanted to visit South Korea (land of Kpop and kimchi wohooo). So hoping to bump into/stalk some celebrities teheee. Apparenty there's A LOT of affordable beauty products to shop for, is that correct? I'm only going for about 4 days but I will definitely make the most of it. Speaking of South Korea, I listened to your suggestions and I started to watch The Moon Embraces the Sun. OH MY GOODNESS! It's so good!!! I don't care too much for the old costume style k-dramas but I gotta say, I'm really enoying this one. I mean, some bits are pretty cheesy "You are the moon and I am the sun my Princess" lol but it's a drama set in ancient times so it's ok, they have excuse to be corny. Hoping to finish it when I return from Seoul. SOOO GOOOD!!!!! I gave up sleep to catch up with the drama last night. Got crazy dark circles and puffy eyes but totally worth it. Who needs sleep when you got Kim Soo Hyun (I still know him as Sam Dong from Dream High).

Tim's family (by family I mean his parents, sister, uncles, aunties, cousins, grandparents and more) came over for house warming today so it's been such a packed day but it's been so much fun. It's amazing how the subject of 'Beauty' can suddenly give the ladies so much to talk about. All his aunties asked for makeovers today and it was so adorable to see them suddenly so excited about makeup. 

I will be filming a 1 million subscriber dedication video as soon as I come back guys. Tim's sister is visiting Hong Kong and she's currently staying with us so want to spend time chilling with her since we don't get to see her too often. 

I still need to pack. What should I pack? Don't even know what's the weather like in Seoul. Usually I stress more about my makeup/beauty bag than the actual clothes lol. Don't worry, I will be vlogging my trip as much as I can for you guys. 


Hi everyone! I fell asleep last night so I'm finishing this entry the day after ^_^. Feeling refreshed and charged from sleep. Ok, got my camcorder charged. Need to shave legs and epitate later. Also need to do my eyebrows and PACK! My sister and my brother in law will be staying at our apartment to look after the doggies so need to write a list of things they need to do for the dogs. I'm going to miss them so so much ='( I know it's only for a few days but, they are my babies!!! I want to spend quality time with them before I leave...sob sob.

Here is my latest vlog video. Since it's Easter, I decided to try out this cute bunny design and it was actually really easy and a lot of fun to do. Check it out below:

Sorry if I sounded rushed guys! >.< I know the video in general is very 'unfinished' so I popped it into the vlog channel instead. 

Alright guys! I'm going to head off now. Enjoy your chocolate easter eggs and bunnies and of course, don't forget about the meaning of Easter. I'll miss you all!!! 


Ps. A lot of people asked about my hairband in my most recent Bubzbeauty video. It was actually a gift from my mum so I'm sorry guys, I don't know where she got it. I do love it though!!!  

Much love, Bubz xx

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