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Concentrate on Yourself

Hey guys,

It's such a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Just did an awesome work out followed by an even awesome-o shower. So a few weeks ago, I was talking to my big sister and she said something to me that's stuck to me ever since. She said "Concentrate on yourself". 


It all started when we were both listening to Joyce Meyer podcast. It was my big sister that told me to check out her sermons and and I still think she is a wonderful speaker. I don't know why but I ended up doing a little bit of researching on her online and I was shocked to see the amount of people putting her down. Christians and non Christians bashing her left right and center. Why was she put down? Because she was rich. She has a comfortable life. People called her money hungry, greedy and false and I was thinking "Does it matter? Why are these people so judgemental? Why do they care so much". A little part of me suddenly wondered if she really was genuine  and was teaching to help others. So when I mentioned this to my sister, I didn't talk about how I felt. I just said "There's a lot of mean things said about Joyce online" and she just turned around to me and said "Concentrate on yourself". That was all. Nothing else. I was being judgemental by judging the judgemental. Wasn't I spreading the negativity too? There's so many more situations right? It could relate to your friends, family and colleagues. Sometimes we talk for the sake of it but don't realise it spreads negativity too. 

People often judge by actions rather than the heart. Sure if you have a good heart- you will do good actions but not all actions prove good intention. For Joyce, many people judge her and try to put her down. She should be doing this, giving out, humble etc. Stay humble yes, but they are so busy pointing out the flaws in other people they don't realise they are hypocrites themselves. Why are people so obsessed with others? 

Today, I feel very blessed to be able to sleep well, eat well and live comfortably. I enjoy life and I'm very grateful for everything but I try not to be greedy or stressed about money/success. I never want to live life motivated by success or money because when you die, you just leave it all behind. You can't take it with you. Money can do all sorts of things yes but only to an extent. I remember a year ago, I got pretty upset because I had friends who I thought were friends betray me and say mean things about me despite for no reason. I couldn't understand why because they were still acting nice to me. I thought long and hard trying to figure what I could have said or done that made them be this way. I could've brought it up and asked for explanation but I just dropped it. I'll just concentrate on myself. If they can't find a way to be happy for me, it doesn't mean I can't be happy for myself and especially for others. 

More often than you know, people talk because you got something that they don't have and it hurts their pride. It could be anything! I've been there and I've envied everything under the sun. Who hasn't?

Stop looking and others and concentrate on yourself. Do and be what you can. Sure you can learn and be inspired from others but don't be discouraged from what you lack. Enlighten yourself with what you have instead. If you DO want to concentrate on other people, make sure you only concentrate on people who matter.

When you're happy, honest and sincere, people could think you're being fake. Don't sweat the small stuff. Continue to be that honest and sincere person rather than giving in to somebody's judgement. 

When you're full of joy and serenity, people may envy your happiness and try to take it away from you. Be happy anyway! 

When you're succeeding by accomplishing goals and dreams, you may have some false friends betray you (like I did), continue to strive at what you are doing. Don't stop. 

Stop looking at others. My aunt posted this on her facebook and I really enjoyed it so I'll share it below for you guys too.


When not to be so focused on yourself

On the contrary, we also shouldn't be totally and complete focused on ourselves. I heard this in a podcast a few days ago (by Joyce again hehe) and again, her words really spoke to me.  Gave me a hint of fresh air too. 

  • If you had a bad day at work or you hate that your job is so unglamorous, think of the man that's been out of work for several months. At least you got a job. 
  • If you are complaining about a bad night's rest, think of the families or people who don't even have homes to return to.
  • If you're stuck at a traffic jam, think of the people in the World where automobiles are unheard of. They have to walk miles for water.
  • If you're a victim of someone's lowness, judgement and bitterness, it could be worse. You could be that person. 
  • If you're feeling lost in life and don't know where you're going, think about those who were short lived and didn't have the chance to think about what to do their their lives. 
  • If you're going through a nasty break up, think about the people in the World who are incapable of being loved or loving others. 

Some quotes I enjoyed this week:

"Nobody really knows how long they will live on Earth. So while you got the time, why not cherish it and appreciate it?"- On Call 36. 

"People would hate you the same reason for people who love you. Why should I change myself for those who don't understand me?"- Sunny. 

Have a wonderful week everybody and remember to cherish everyday.


Much love, Bubz xx


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