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Hey guys!

It's actually 4:41am right now so I really should be sleeping but I don't know why, I'm not tired at all! Probably gonna do an all nighter so I can sleep early tomorrow night. My sleeping times are messed up x_X

So today is Saturday (What am I? Rebecca Black now lol) so yey for weekend. I managed to do little bits of filming (narration scenes for a new Bubbiosity video which is coming up this month) and then headed out to meet my mum for bridesmaid dress shopping & dinner. It was really nice chilling with her. I wish I could vlog the dress shopping experience but apparently filming was prohibited boohoo. I still managed to do lots of vlogging today for you guys. My iMac keeps automatically changing 'vlogging' into 'blogging'. As if it's trying to undermine me. Yes, I was right after all mister computer!!!! How does that make you feel? Anyways, where was I? Yes, I did some vlogging today because I want to get back on the track with my vlogs you know (GOSH it just autochanged it again!!!!!!)

Anyways, here is a 'Day in the life of Bubz, Chubbi & Domo' below. It's a pretty random video but hopefully their cuteness will make you all smile =)

And I uploaded a quick clip of an incident this evening too. It's partly my fault too as an owner because I forgot to put away the bin. I came home to see the apartment looking trashed. Chubbi knocked over the bin and broke the lid. So naughty! I honestly really found it funny but I figured I'll vlog it for you guys to see. Chubbi is soooo cute! Hope it makes you smile tehee.

I probably sound angry because of the loudness but trust me, I'm actually always shouting and being crazy in the apartment (and mooning her & being nuts). Ask my friends or family members and they will tell you I randomly scream around the house. Let me tell you, there is a reason why I have to hide the bin. She KNOWS she did a bad thing and that's why when I came home, she didn't greet me. She hid instead. I am Chubbi's owner and I am responsible for her wellbeing. I love her so much but discipline is also part of it. She should be afraid of me at times because I do have authority over her but at the same time, she has lots of love for me as I do for her. Just wanna get this straight just in case some people are misunderstood. I know that nobody understands my dog as much as I do. I hope you guys can trust me that I take really good care of my doggies. Yeah? ^_^

So tomorrow will be Sunday (seriously, why am I Rebecca Blacking now?) so I'm looking forward to it. It's Chore Day!! Do you see why I get worried about vlogging? Do you guys really want to see me clean the toilet? I used to HATE doing chores (vacumming especially) but these days I seem to see it as a trip to Disney Land. When I clean the toilet- cleaning the toilet is all I think about so it gives my mind a rest.

Everytime I blow dry my hair, Chubbi would jump on to my lap and then start trying to "eat" the hot air. Some of you said it's as if she's thinking "Foreign object is blasting hot air. Must eat it up so it won't hurt mummy". Unfortunately, she just likes the hair drier lol.

Ok, it's 5:23am now hmm.. I might go off and watch some kdramas!


Have a great weekend everyone!

Much love, Bubz xx

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