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Love is Contagious

Hey guys,

Today, I came across this video that was sent to me by quite a few of you guys. Thank you so much for sharing this video because it really opened my eyes and my heart. It's a long video but I kept watching and watching and watching without skipping. I hope you guys will take a moment to watch this video too. 

Sometimes when I'm sitting on a bus or walking in a street. I look around and I watch the people around me. Do you guys ever do that? I see mothers, fathers, children, students and eldery carrying on with their life. They all have dreams, hopes, goals and even regrets too. When you see these people around you, you really don't think much but each and every single one as a story to tell. Sometimes, we get warped up into a little World of our own and we forget there are lots of people less fortuned than us. Sometimes we can feel hopeless when we're surrounded by negative people and we can forget there are also lots of kind people in this World too. 

This video  show me two things:
1. As impossible as a mission may seem, we can get there through perseverance and effort. 
2. People care. It's human instinct when we know when something is no right because it's within us. Helping is a form of happiness and everybody has the ability to do it. When people get together and help each other out- great things can happen. Love is contagious. 

Enjoy this meaningful song with beautiful lyrics guys! Love the Jayesslee girlies. They are so inspirational and they shine so much light. 

I'm so proud of these beautiful girls. They are so talented and to see them walk in life shining the light is just to inspiring. I haven't forgotten about your request and I will share how/when I walked into Faith with you guys soon with a diary post. My life has been so different ever since inviting Him to within me. I would be lost without Him and no matter how bad my day is, I know my worst day with God will be better than any day without Him. Praise the Lord ^_^ I was having a low day but now I feel energized and refreshed. 

So anyways yesterday, I went shopping with a close friend to buy props for the new Bubbiosity video. Yes, expect a new comedy video for this month ^_^. It was so awkward because I was asking for a female gown for a male. The lady was so confused. If only I had more ideas and I would film Bubbiosity videos more often. It's going to be about Chinese emperors and life inside the emperial palace =D 

These are called Magic Flowers (apparently) and they are supposed to live up to 5 years. It doesn't require much watering (once or twice a week). This works out well for me lol. They are so colourful and cute and they just put me in a much better mood. 

I wore these glasses all yesterday. My friend kept telling me to take it off but I LOVE THESE! So cute. I'm not too crazy with Hello Kitty but there are so adorable. 

Anyways, this is my latest painting. I wasn't going to finish it because I messed up half way but I decided not to give up in the end. I really struggle with painting leaves. 

Oh by the way, here is a quick vlog video of me trying out a japanese hair styling product. It's called Goo Set, lol pretty weird name. It's not bad. I would use it but it's not a must-have product. You can check out the hair experiment below: 


Ok, time for shower and then script writing!

Have a wonderful week everybody! Smile because you are aliveeeeeee wohoo!


Much love, Bubz xx


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