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Domo, Chubbi, Painting and Life

Hello everybody,

I'm updating this diary entry with Domo on my lap. We've had him for almost a week now and he is the cutest little teddybear ever but he is so clingy lol. He wants to be played/picked up constantly so he cries/whines all the time. I haven't slept much recently because he just doesn't sleep. He only likes sleeping when he's on my lap (It's probably the only time he catches up on his sleep). Bless his little paws. I'm trying not to give in to him though (believe me, it's hard). Infact, I am teaching him that whining will not grab my attention. It's when he is still and quiet, I'll reward him by praising him and giving him attention.  I'm glad he feels safe/attached to me though. I hope you guys don't mind if my videos come slower this month. He has gotten bigger already! Already knows how to run towards me on demand, sit, give paw and high 5. I'm working on the potty training still though. It takes a while for dogs to be fully potty 
trained. It's hard trying to train a puppy when he's constantly distracted with Chubbi. He always wants to run off and play with her. Anyways, here's a recent video of little Domo and Chubbi. They are sooo cute and already inseparable now.

I should be vlogging more of Domo since puppies grow up so fast. You guys know I was pretty obsessed with filming Chubbi when she was little but it was also because I got a new camera and I wanted to play with it. But I try to take photos/videos when anything cute happens. 

Lol at Chubbi's face. Took this picture while they were playing.

Took this picture with my phone when I was doing some bed time reading. Domo's little bum is so cute. It's so round and fluffy. 

The only time I really see Domo sleep is when he's on my lap... Hei...

Can't forget about fluffy Chubbi can we? I was pretty curious what she was trying to look for as well. It takes me back to when she was a little puppy, she was trying to get her little bone and she ended getting stuck under the sofa LOL. And Yes, a year later she still loses her bone under the sofa. 

This pic is so cute! Soon, he'll be bigger than Chubbi. When they play fight, Chubbi lets him nibble on her and she never hurts him back. So cute how she is so gentle and easy on him. 

So anyways, I'm really really glad you guys enjoyed the 'Dealing with Negativity People 101' video. I have so much fun making these types of videos. It's so worth it to hear it's helped you guys deal with your anger & stuff but seriously, it was very inspired by Joyce Meyer. 

So for the next few months, I will be coming up with new Bubbi brushes for launch. I'm going to introduce new brushes they will be more on the professional side. It's going to be a lot of fun and I'll get to choose different materials, colours and shapes. Looking forward to this teheee. We listened to your feedback and we are slowly introducing etched logos onto the brushes now.  

So last night, I took the opportunity to paint again. It's my final misty forest lesson from Tim Gagnon so hopefully now I will be ready to paint forest landscapes independently now. I filmed it because I know you guys like watching speed paintings so I'll edit the footage for you guys sometime this week ^^. Ever since I've started to paint again, I've been paying more attention to trees and landscapes now. It's weird because I never used to take much notice and now I'm obsessed with how trees twist and turn and how leaves comes in so many different shapes and colours. Does anybody else do this? lol.

I will edit the speed painting video soonies!

I did this little painting for fun last night. I painted it based on a wallpaper picture I came across on the Internet. Thought it looked pretty with the starry skies, shooting star, snowy mountains and waterfall. and I liked how it only used colours of blue and white. I need to practise more on painting clouds and mountains for sure. Will be looking forward to painting seascapes and skies. 

So many of you guys out there are also requesting the 'Boyfriend does my makeup' tag. Believe me, Tim would enjoy that. He would enjoy it a little too much. I haven't asked him yet but I'm pretty sure he will jump at the opportunity to do my makeup. You guys have seen Tim in my Bubbiosity videos right? He will probably accidently on purpose use a permanent marker instead of an eyeliner on me >.< Speaking of boyfriend, I cooked him dinner last week tehehee. Infact, I cooked something that means a lot to us. I cooked Irish Stew. I miss eating stew so so much and I just wanted a taste of home. It was so chilly and nothing like a hearty stew with lots of fresh vegetables to warm up our stomachs. It tasted great (surprisingly) and it could've been beginners luck but I shall try again sometime this month. 

Hehehe! Irish Stew! Not too shabby eh? 

The Bubbi online store opened yesterday so I'm going to have dinner and help process orders. Thank you to everybody who have been patient in waiting for the store to open again. All brushes will be fully restocked for 13th February. Oh speaking of February, Valentines Day is coming up. What is everybody's plans? Well, Tim and I aren't going to do anything this year. Hey, there shouldn't just be one day of the year to celebrate love right? Everyday should be Valentines day to show love for family, friends and loved ones.

Domo wishes everybody Happy Valentines Day (for the 14th February that is) anyways. Cuteness!!!

Have a great week everybody!

Much love, Bubz xx

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