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MY NEW PUPPY & Updates

Hello people of the world ^_^

Hong Kong is still FREEZING. I actually had to wake up and shove tissues up my nose to stop it from running constantly. Must've looked a right site. So I am very excited for tomorrow. My big sister is getting registered tomorrow!!! Her wedding won't be until November because she's still traveling around Asia but I am so excited because I'm going to have a brother now. Granny Bubz will also be there, it will be such a happy day.

I also want to announce that I am going to be a parent again. Tim always wanted to get Chubbi another companion and I've always been iffy because 1, I really couldn't imagine myself loving another dog more than my little Chubster. She has been through so much with us and she is my little shadow. I love her so so much and she makes my days so much brighter and entertaining. But anyways 2, that's TWICE the amount of poopoos to pick up. 3, I will have to spend months to train the puppy to pee/poo at the right places and behave etc. 

So yesterday after Tim and I sorted out the new office space, we headed for dinner. We passed our local pet supply store to find out the owner's dog actually had puppies. I was iffy because I didn't want Chubbi to feel threatened or unloved. 

There were a few poodle puppies and they were all so adorable. One was a boy and he was all crazy and energetic but when I saw the girl pup, my heart just melted. She reminded me of Chubbi when I first saw her. She was shaking and shy but when I held her, she cuddled into me and gave me little kisses. I couldn't resist and I just wanted to take her home. I wish I can take her brother too but 3 dogs would just be too much for now. Hopefully Chubbi will be a good big sister and they will be happy companions. I'm taking her home next week because the family wanted to make sure she's strong/healthy first. The weather is very cold lately so they require extra care. I know another dog means more responsibility but I can honestly say it is worth it. I just love coming home seeing Chubbi's happy face. I'm gonna be one of those crazy dog ladies lol. Here she is, isn't she precious? 

She was all "I'm going to pee and poo all over your new apartment but look how cute I am ^^" Don't mind my hands, I have been painting and I realised there isn't point doing my nails when paint gets all over them. 

So I spent today disinfecting the apartment and preparing the new home for the puppy. I don't have a name for her yet. A lot of you have suggested Cookie (which is very cute). It sucks because all the names I want to give her is too 'boyish'. It's weird because I've never really liked poodles growing up. Cartoons always made them look snobby and stuck up but I realise how adorable they look in teddybear clips (a type of cut that makes them look like puppies/teddybears). Their cute bubbly personalities won me over as well.

I'm staying at my dad's place tonight and hopefully be dyeing my hair darker for Winter too. It's going to make me look even paler which reminds me of my recent video. I checked it this morning to realise most of the comments were regarding my pale skin. Since when did being pale automatically mean I bleached my skin? I actually wondered if there was something wrong with me. I don't bleach my skin. I have always been fair skinned and the green wall just washes me out. I film facing the window and it just washes me more even more. Why can't we just accept that skin comes in all colours? Tan or pale, both are beautiful geeez =_=". I shouldn't have let it bother me but it must be near T.O.M if you know what I mean (TMI now =D). 

So enough rant for now. 

I will vlog more often. I miss doing little vlogs and now with the new puppy, you guys can watch her grow up like you guys did with Chubbi. Anyway, I hope to those who celebrated Chinese New Year had a great time. Did you guys get any red pockets? Hong Kong is nuts over the Chinese New Year. It's like Christmas all over again!

I always get nervous when I have to greet aunties and uncles with New Year Blessings. I suddenly run out of blessings and I end up wishing  house wife aunties to "Be successful in business" or something =_=". What's most important is really good health really but they always want us to have new stuff to say XD

My friends gave me my belated birthday present today. They got me a Totoro jigsaw puzzle (which I LOVE) along with these erm.... things. I was like "Why did you buy me sanitary pads and domdoms?" but then realised they're actually sweets and chocolates!! The packaging totally tricked me!!!! Kinda cool, I don't want to eat them now (maybe just the chocolates encase adults come over and see it. That would be awkward). Thank you Queenie and Steve ^^

This is the bottom of my sister's wedding dress. It's so beautiful! I can't wait to see her walk down the aisle in this. She is going to look so beautiful! The rose and lace detail is just exquisite (I never say this word, how posh =D)

It's sooo cold recently that Tim and I just LIVE in our kigus. The tiger kigu didn't have my size so I had to get the dinosaur one. Tim just refuses to get out of his kigu. Answers the door to mail men etc in this little baby. Chubbi is extra clingy to him these days. Maybe she thinks he is a real animal too. 

I never let Chubbi sleep in my new bed but she is so mischievous. She knows I won't let her sleep directly so she compromises by laying half of her body on the bed =_=. Hard to resist her though. She is getting so fluffy ^^

Ok, I think that's enough random pictures for now. I'm going to make some lunch. Have a fantastic weekend guys!

Much love,

Bubz xx

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