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Sneak Peek into my New Home

Hey guys,

I'm staying over at my dad's place tonight. Just had lunar dinner with granny bubz and my tummy feels satisfied. I ate almost 3 bowls of rice so granny Bubz is very happy. How much of a good girl I am is decided upon how many bowls of rice I eat. Is this the case with most chinese grannies? XD

So there's actually not much for me to do in here since dad's apartment is like way out near the countryside. Granny Bubz is taking her evening nap so I decided to write a diary update and maybe work on the next 'Ask Bubbi' question too. Perhaps I can work on the next Bubbiosity script too. 

Some of you have requested me to do an apartment tag video. I will do one when the apartment is ready. Still got bits and bobs to do to the place but it is coming along well. I've been living in the new place for over 2 weeks now and I've really been enjoying it but I do miss the old apartment.

I've been renting my older apartment for over 2 years now. It's just so much as happened in the space of these 2 years. I have so many happy and sad memories and they are both precious to me. Every time I pass the area, I get teary eyed because I miss the neighbourhood so so much (even my next door neighbour who used to go through my trash o_O). But I am ready for change and luckily I am the type that adapts to new environments easily. You guys still remember me when I first moved to Hong Kong right? I was home sick and I constantly cried. Now, Hong Kong feels like home to me. 

Anyways, here are some pictures of my new little home.

So this is the living room. I wanted to live in a environment that's simple, chic yet happy. Most of the furniture is white/neutral toned and I brightened up the place with colourful accents from the cushions, curtains, books etc (as advised by my friend Christine ^_^). I didn't want anything that looks too flashy since my apartment isn't too big anyways. I just wanted a simple happy home that feels comfy and me. 

For the dining part of the room, I picked the chairs to be different from each other yet match at the same time. For the past 2 years, I've always sat on the floor to eat (over the coffee table) so it's nice to actually have a chair to dine on. I work on my laptop on the dining table more than I do in the office/work room. One wall is painted an apple green colour which is a pretty crazy bright colour but I wanted a modern happy vibe. 

I struggled to find nice lights because I found lights in Hong Kong looking too pretentious I guess. Hong Kong is small so apartment spaces tend to be small too and it seemed silly to have a giant chandeliar in the middle of a small room. These lights reminded me of little raindrops. I bought it because everytime I looked at it, it made me day dream. I like day dreaming because it helps me get inspiration.

So this is my working room. I edit my videos here and also apply my makeup here. I just wanted this room to look very white and fresh. I didn't want bright colours to strain my eyes. I like painting in this room because this room gets the best light in the apartment.

This is the bedroom. One wall is painted in a light blue colour because it's a calming colour. I wanted this room to look serene and light because I like reading and I do most of my reading in bed. A quiet looking environment helps me relax and wind down after a busy or stressful day. 

This is the ensuite bathroom. Chubbi pooed on the bath mat 3 times so far but I think she's finally catching on that it's not for peeing/pooing. She's been settling fine. There was also another phase where she prefered to sleep on my laundry basket instead of her own doggy bed but that's over too (thank goodness because that was kinda gross XD).

newhome7"I prefer sleeping on mummy's dirty clothes than my strawberry bed"

So those are some sneak peeks of the new place. I'll vlog the apartment in more detail so you guys can see more rooms in the future. But I do feel very grateful for everything. But it's true when they say, it's not what you eat or where you live. It's the people that dine or live with you that matters. At a point in my life where I realise I am growing up now and it's really nice because I feel like I grew up with you guys by my side if you know what I mean. I see gurus getting engaged and married these days and it's so crazy to see everybody growing up but also very nice at the same time. Ok, my sister and her boyfriend just got home so I'm going to catch up with them. Have a great week guys!

Much love,

Bubz xx

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