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Painting with Passion again

Hello guys,

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday. Do you know that Sunday is my favourite day of the week? It didn't used to be because when I was younger, Sunday was the day for Chinese School and I HATED IT. I dreaded the painful two hour lessons. The only joy I had from Chinese School was the 15 minute break and that was when I got to swap comics (that I drew/wrote myself LOL with my cousins). I also didn't like it because for me, I would dread the day after because it would be Monday again (Meh, back to school). Now that I don't have High School anymore, I decided to go back to one of my High School passions.

I made several resolutions for 2012 (as you all have read) and one of them was to start painting again. A few days ago, I made my way out into Mong Kok into a little art shop and picked up some canvases, acrylic paint and paintbrushes. My sister is a watercolour painter but I've always been into acrylics. I remember smiling all the way back home because I couldn't wait to start painting again. 

Painting used to be my escape from the busy world. But these days, it seems as if I'm too busy to paint again. I guess I lost the motivation. I no longer had classmates around me to share my passion and there were no exams or competitions to enter anymore. 

Back in High School, I studied Art & Design for A-Levels and I was one of those annoying pupils who kept working and working and working. I would spent my lunch break painting with a brush on my right hand and sandwich on my left. I simply just kept painting because I loved it so much. I love that feeling when you're really into something and it drives you to go on. While some of my class mates would stress about dead lines from art exams, I was happily painting away. We were given mediums to work with such as water colour, pencil, chalk, pastels and acrylic but thinking back, we weren't really taught how to use them. We all painted with our own methods which actually allows everybody to create very unique and special pieces but thinking back, we  were pretty clueless. 

After High School, I knew I wanted to take up Fine Art because there would be so much more for me to learn. But I chickened out because I knew I needed a degree that will make me more employable. I knew taking up Art would worry my parents as well. I locked up my passion and went for Packaging & Graphic Design again (I still have no idea why I chose it). While my 3 years in university barely taught me anything (since I hated it), I still loved it because I met wonderful people in University. I learnt to be independent and live on my own and it's still one of my best experiences in my life. Some days after university, I would take a bus out into the Winter Gardens and explore the art exibitions. I would be mesmerized with the paintings and tell myself "One day, I'll start painting again". 

Now years on, I finally took the plunge and went back to it. Because I haven't painted in so long, I decided to take online painting lessons from a fellow Youtuber, Tim Gagnon. You can seriously learn ANYTHING on Youtube. The place is madness and that's why I love it (I learnt to bay park on Youtube for crying out loud).

It's only been 3 days but I have learnt a lot of stuff from him. I'm only free late at night so going to actual painting classes would be difficult for me. Being able to sit at home, painting at my own times was what I needed. I learnt how to work with layers and the importance of highlight & shadows. I'm really excited because I'm finally going back to my childhood passion again. It's not about being the best. Somebody will always be better than you are. It's about the process and enjoying what you learn and paint. Hopefully this diary entry will inspire you guys to go back to your passion again. 

So I spent this afternoon listening to music, sipping green tea whilst painting this today. I'm learning to paint 'Misty forests' right now. After, I can't wait to paint out of my own imagination. So, let's show the work so far. 

Working on my first painting. I really should've used a smaller canvas to start with. Big canvases are slightly more difficult because acrylic dries pretty fast so you have to work faster. I was so into painting that I didn't sleep till like 7am. It's kinda ironic because I made a resolution to sleep earlier. You gain a resolution and you lose a resolution. Anyway, so you guys can see I am working in backgrounds and foregrounds. Instead of painting the grass, sky and trees together- I'm working in layers and being patient by letting them dry. 

Here is the finished piece. With the grass, it looks less cold but there's still a sense of eeriness because of the mist. Because the trees have no leaves, it makes the place look dead therefore a bird is added for life. 

So here, you can see the process of this painting. This one is a lot more interesting because I'm working with leaves. The light is also coming from the middle of the painting. 

This time, I'm working with a smaller canvas. It's easier because it allows me to work slower. 


So here is how it looks so far. Only need to touch it up with highlight/shadows (my least favourite part). It's amazing how paintings can portray different emotions. This one looks much warmer and peaceful. It has more life in it.

I just love everything about nature because it's the source of all inspiration. Nothing is more beautiful than spectacular sunrise or a panoramic landscape. Even skies can portray different emotions and powers. So yep, pretty excited because there's a lot to take in and learn. If you guys are interested in going back to painting or perhaps starting, maybe you guys can join me? We can do this painting thing together. 

I don't know if there is anything you guys loved back then but left behind because of work or whatsoever. But maybe this diary entry will inspire you to go back to your roots. Like I said before, it's all about doing what you love and being able to express yourself.

Sadly,m I'm the type that would get interested easily but ironically lose interest easily (remember my mug painting phase? lol) so hopefully this painting thing won't phase out. Tim is betting for me to lose interest in a few months, that ass lol. A few of you requested painting tutorials and as flattering as that is, I really don't think I'm skilled enough to do this but feel free to check out Tim Gagnon on Youtube. I'm sure you will learn lots from him like I did. Maybe I can vlog my future paintings? I'll continue to share my painting journey with you guys anyway. 

 If I do reach 1 million subscribers (which would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING), I would love to give one of my paintings away. I know it won't be anything spectcular but at least it will be from my heart. It would be my way to show my gratitude for your support. You guys have been so amazing and each day, I still ask myself why am I so lucky to have you guys.

Alright then, I'm going to edit my Skincare video now and I'll hopefully finish the painting tonight or something.

I hope 2012 hasn't been too bad for you guys. Remember, life is short so do all of the things that matter to you. Make the most out of it yessie? Take care everybody and we shall speak soon,

Much love, Bubz xx


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