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My Beauty & Lifestyle 2012 Resolutions

Happy New Year my bubbiful ones!

So here we are, it's officially the New Year now. I went out on New Years Eve night and really, I have to admit I felt the entire New Years Day feeling like crap lol. Random people kept "CHEERS-ing" me and despite being pumped up about having a fresh new start for 2012, everybody seems to be waking up feeling poo tehee. Kind of ironic eh? But nonetheless, I am so excited for the New Year and I'm ready to build beautiful memories for my loved ones and of course you guys. 


Why make resolutions? Well, I guess it's good to set goals for ourselves. It doesn't have to be massive goals. A goal is a goal right? It also helps when you know people around you are setting goals for themselves too so it's more motivating for ourselves. 

"Why set goals anyway? We'll just fail them" - Meh, I hear too many people say this. By already expecting failure, how can you blame life being crap if you've always been set for failure? Have a little bit of faith in yourself. Even if you break the resolutions, it's still fine because at least you tried. 

So you guys have read my "Happy for 2012" resolutions. I'll list the simple ones today, my Beauty Resolutions and Life resolutions. Let's start with life resolutions shall we? 

Mum constantly questions if I am a girl because of my messiness. She always jokes that nobody will want me because of my messy habits. I make messes wherever I go. I shall try to be more domestic by being tidier person. Hopefully the new apartment will motivate me to keep things clean. I will remind myself that hangers are there for a reason. Clothes should not be stuffed and shoved at the back of a wardrobe. I'm a hard working and punctual person but when it comes to house chores, I am so lazy. I need to be more domesticated. 

A beautiful curse about living in Hong Kong is that you can just go downstairs and you can eat ANYTHING you want. Chinese, japanese, western cuisine? You got it. It doesn't cost much to eat out and it just seems so convenient. I actually enjoy cooking but I only know how to cook western dishes. I will learn to cook healthy chinese dishes (my mum is laughing reading this lol). Oh, I also need to eat healthier. It will not only be better for my skin but also for my general health. 

Painting used to be my favourite past time. It relaxes me and allows me to express my inner feelings and creativity. I don't paint to prove whether I'm good or not. I paint for myself and I love it. I will find time to allow myself to paint. I always wanted to have my own little art studio in my home and even though I'm not there yet, I would be happy to lift a paint brush again.

I sleep at crazy o'clock hours and wake up at stupid o'clock hours. I sometimes wake up at the afternoon and half of my day is already gone. I would then try to make up for it by staying up till late. I will learn to manage my time better so I work, eat and sleep at healthy hours.


I have to admit, I need to start reading the Bible more. It's not a bad thing to read Christian books but the Bible is the book I should concentrate most on because it's written by God. I listen to sermons when I work and it's not good enough. I need to give time for the Lord where all my attention is only focused on Him. I may have excuses of being busy from work or having circumstances but these are only excuses. I want to grow more mature in Faith and learn more about Him.

Obviously being on Youtube, I share advice on beauty. Sometimes I share what I learn about life. When you guys tell me how I've helped you realise your inner beauty or confidence, it seriously makes my day. It keeps me doing what I do and inspires me to be a better person. But I forget as a Christian, I'm also to share the good news. Maybe I can do more than offer advice. I can also share the good news. I know religion will always be a touchy topic and I know I'll probably lose followers along the way but it's ok because I know it will be worth it.

Beauty Resolutions now. I'm pretty proud to say I already drink lots of water and that I go au natural most days of the week to let my skin breathe. I'm pretty hygenic so my tools are clean and I wash off my makeup properly before sleep. But I know there's more I can do to improve my beauty lifestyle. 

I sleep most comfortably when I'm sleeping on the side. This means I get more blemishes on one side of my face than the other. It's more hygenic to sleep upright and gravity gives our face a free facelift when we sleep. This will take practice though but I'm going to stick with it baby. 

Whenever I do chores such as cleaning or doing the dishes, I'm always like "Psssh rubber gloves, they only slow me down" but these days my hands seem to feel drier than normal. I think it's from all of the cleaning I've been doing for the new apartment. I've always been told I have soft hands and I never even needed to wear hand cream or do anything. I never understood the hype of hand cream I guess because I thought I didn't need them. But my hands have gotten drier these days thanks to the weather and my bad habits. I will wear rubber gloves when I do house chores (mum is laughing again) and wear hand cream daily.


The benefits of facial massages is amazing. It's free and it can transform a puffy dull face into a toned and lifted face. Sometimes I'm on fire and I would massage my face at least 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I will get lazy and not massage for like weeks. Let's be more consistent shall we? I will do the facial massage video when I move into the new place. I haven't forgotten about the promise guys.

I didn't used to eat chocolate. I went for years without eating a single piece of chocolate. I never had the craving for it because I don't like eating sweets so much. It's not hard for me to say no to chocolate so that will be easy for me but my biggest weakness is ramen noodles. I LOVE IT but my skin hates it. All the sodium causes skin to look puffy, bumpy and dehydrated. Let's be realistic and just cut down our junk food intake shall we? ^^

Use the gym. That is all lol. Get my ass off this chair. 

Yeah I'm going to "get my ass off this chair" now. Have a wonderful new year guys and remember to make the most out of it. 

Much love, Bubz xx


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