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New apartment in progress

Hey my lovelies,

Wow, three more days until Christmas Day! Can you believe that? Time is flying like a flying err.... I don't know, airplane? dagger? Superman? You know what I mean. 

My days, I thought I was getting better but I woke up with an immense sore throat. Feels like there is a tiny person inside my throat with a chain saw. Boohoo! But I'm still feeling good today because the entire afternoon is going to be nice and chilled. 

Haven't felt this crappy in a while. At least I'm warm and looking bad ass in my dinosaur kigu. Bubbisaur!!!! RAWR!

For the past few days, I've been leaving the apartment early hours in the morning and getting back home around 2am or so. Just doing up the new place. Painting the walls and getting furniture put in. I'll show you some pictures so far but it's still pretty empty at the moment.


First time napping in the new place and it's in a bathtub (and sleeping bag haha). The builders were putting in the furniture and I kept being in their way so I thought I'll chill in the bathroom. Ended up getting sleepy and too comfy. Look at me all comfy and curled up =D Sneaky Tim took this picture with his phone. 

So here is how the place looks so far. Decided to keep the furniture looking neutral and modern but I'll be adding bursts of colour from the cushions, curtains, rugs etc. It's pretty empty because things are still packed in boxes. 

The space underneath is empty because we're going to put a piano in there. I can't wait to hear Tim play the piano again hehe.

I decided to have one wall colourful in an apple green shade so the place looks happy. I'm not sure what colour the curtains/decorations should be. Some of you said purple which sounds good! I got the plates, bowls and guards from IKEA. I took your advice guys. Avoiding IKEA furniture and sticking with their decorative pieces was dearly noted.  

Got these adorable apple book ends yesterday. Soooo cuuute!!!! Do people still use book ends?

This is the working room. Hopefully be doing my editing in here. I wanted to keep the room looking white and spacious (because the room is already quite small) with some bursts of colour again. 

I took Chubbi with us to the new place because we didn't want to leave her at home for the entire day. She had to be baby gated inside the bathroom too. She didn't like it and barked for the entire 6-7 hours. When we finally got home, she conked out. Must've been all that barking and crying lol. Chubbi got spayed recently and I'm so relieved because she's already back to her lively self again. I'm worried she's a little too lively because I'm worried about her stitches.  But she's all good. She picked up one new skill. She can actually ngaw lids from jars!!! We came home to see almonds everywhere on the sofa because she managed to gnaw the lid off. That is crazy! Luckily almonds aren't too dangerous and she was fine. Crazy dog.

Hehe Chubbi is rolling rolling rolling....

My sister and her boyfriend are currently in Hong Kong to plan their Wedding. I'm am so cite to plan things with her. I haven't had time to chill with her properly but luckily they'll be here for the next few months so plenty of time to catch up. I think I'll be doing the makeup and hair for the event to save money. To be honest- I don't have a clue how to plan weddings. Never done it before and not much of my friends are even married. Help? lol.

So for the next few days, I'll be busy looking for curtains (or maybe blinds), lighting, kitchen stuff, a nice painting, wall decals and other shenanigans. I know I complain about my current apartment a lot but I'm really going to miss this place. A lot happened these 2 years so this place holds lots of memories. 

Anyways, I hope you everybody has a wonderful Christmas. Don't forget the real meaning behind the holiday. Some people are like "was Jesus really born on the 25th December?" Lol, probably not but we still rejoice by celebrating  because God entered the World as Man to save our sins. Sometimes when you look at little ants marching in lines, you see some ants getting lost in track. Trying to talk to them won't help because they won't understand. We're so big and these little ants are so small. I wish I can turn into an ant myself so they will understand me. Isn't this kind of like what God did. He loves us so so much that He actually came down to Earth as man to save us. He created everything and nothing would be created without him so He should've been treated like a King but He was humble. I've already got the most amazing gift in the World and this is God's grace and His promise. 

Alrighty, I'm off to watch a little TV now. Have to have dinner with Tim's family tonight. Will edit this makeup tutorial tonight teheee...


Oh also, here is my latest video "Makeup for Sick Days". Hope this is helpful:

Take care and stay warm everybody!

Much love, Bubz xx


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