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The BEST Little feelings in the World

Hello hello,

Lately, I've been so thankful for my hot water bottle, slippers and bathrobe and it led me to think about the best little feelings in the World. Obviously there are more than twelve but here are my best little feelings (not in any particular order) at the top of my head.

1. When you haven't eaten ALL day and you finally get take a bite of good food. Mmm... that feeling is awesome which leads me to add another great feeling which is the feeling of being pleasantly full. Sometimes, we feel stuffed in an uncomfortable way but what a blessing to be able to feel full right?

2. Waking up from a good night's sleep. That awesome feeling when you feel refreshed and energised as if you're fit enough to climb a mountain It's a brand new day for brand new opportunities.  I'm also super duper happy when I wake up early to realise I still have a couple hours to sleep tehee. 

3. Being inspired. That feeling when you have just learnt something and that sudden joy you get from excitement and motivation. Or when you realise something and you become in awe or moved by it.  

4. Coming home after a long day of work. When I've been out all day doing errands and I'm exhausted from making my way through busy crowds and my feet are aching from long periods of walking/standing; it's such an wonderful feeling to come home, kick shoes off and slump on the sofa. Aaaah. Another personal high light is Chubbi because she always greets me with lots of cuddles. Seeing her bounce around all happy when I return home makes me so happy.

5.  That awesome feeling when you wash your face that's full of makeup (possibly sweat and oil too). Especially when you've also been out for long periods of time. Such a great feeling when your face is squeaky clean afterwards. My skin can finally breathe again weeeeeeee.

6.  Taking a shower after a being out all day in the scorching weather or after a gym work out. You've been sweating and you know your hair is proper greasy. Then you come out clean and smelling great.

7.  When you finally finish all your errands whether it's homework, assignments or projects. AWESOME!!! I always feel great after cleaning out the apartment. I sit back and admire the clean surfaces of the floor, table tops etc.

8. Having a chilled out day. Yesterday was absolutely freezing so I indulged myself to a hot bubble tea whilst reading a book. After, I enjoyed a little TV time watching  sitcoms whilst sipping a hot green tea with Chubbi on my lap. Sounds boring but that is bliss to me these days.

9. Laughing so much and becoming short of breath. Sometimes, I end up snorting too.

10. That amazing feeling when you're in bed and you know you're about to fall asleep. You're cosy and warm in bed, comfortable and relaxed. Nobody is nothing is disturbing you. Your mind is blank. All you think about is how comfortable and relaxed you are.

11. Having a nightmare but waking up to realise it's just a dream.  Phew! That wonderful feeling of relief. 

12. When you've been dying for a pee (or a poo lol) and being able to well...go! Aaah!

Of course there are so much more. Like listening to my fav song. Finally finishing blow drying my hair and being able to jump into bed etc. What's your best little feelings in the World?

Much love, Bubz xx


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