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Happy Birthday To Me

Hello everyone,

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everybody who sent me birthday wishes. I've NEVER ever had this amount of birthday messages and each one has made my heart grow a little bigger each time. I'm so so touched. Thank you so so much guys. I woke up with a huge smile on my face.

I actually did a bit of birthday vlogging but I'll edit the birthday vlog a bit later for you guys. For now, let's talk about the birthday hehe.

Well this year I didn't want to do much for my birthday to be honest. I just wanted a chilled quiet and relaxing day. No work. No stress. Just relaxation. I knew Tim will be taking me out to dinner but I didn't know it will be a day before my birthday instead. 

I felt so bad because he has been so busy with work but he insisted we should go out. For the past week, he has been getting a handful hours of sleep a day. So yesterday; after processing, packing and shipping out the orders - we headed out to Admiralty for dinner. I really didn't know where I was going but I was excited because I love trying out different places. I LOVE eating om nom nom nom...

My hair and makeup for birthday dinner. I actually filmed a tutorial too but I might need to refilm because the lighting got poo-ey =/ I think it's quite a festive look for the holidays (golds and red)

birthday1Another camwhoring pic.

On the way to the restaurant, we passed this Santa's Place. Angel behind me is bootilicious.

Christmas tree!

The place is called "Restaurant Petrus" and it's actually a Michelin-starred restaurant. It overlooks the breathtaking Harbour Victoria and the atmosphere inside was so romantic.

I was absolutely shocked because I've never been in such a classy place. We got the 9 course Petrus menu but to be honest, I had no idea what I was ordered lol. So Tim and I just enjoyed the night and chatted throughout the night. The people there were sooo nice. I asked the waiter where the wash room is and he ended up taking me. Was such an awkward walk there actually XD. Anyways, here are some pictures we took:



The portions were pretty small. But then again, they did serve 9 servings. Tim went home and made ramen though XD

Making a wish *

So yep, last night was a very beautiful night. Went to bed with a big smile on my face and woke up with an even bigger smile. I just feel really happy to have such wonderful people in my life. My family and friends are half way across the globe but they somehow felt really close to me. Today is my actual birthday but we didn't do anything. We did some processing, packing and shipping and afterwards got some dinner before doing a bit of shopping. It was a fab day ^_^ We're heading to Disneyland tomorrow instead yey.

Do you guys remember as a child, you would have so many things to wish for? As I've gotten older, I've realised there's nothing I would want to wish for except for good health and happiness for myself and my loved ones. Does this apply to you too? Speaking of gotten older, I'm 25 now wooo! This birthday was extra special because it's my first birthday with little Chubbi in my life. She's actually born sometime in the month of December too (yey) so I decided her birthday will be same as mine. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUBBI. We are both Sagittarius. I know a lot of people believe in starsigns. I don't really. It tells me my dream career is a librarian. Cannot be more wrong lol.


So my birthday will officially be over in about 35 minutes. Actually, technically I still have 7 hours to go since I'm on Hong Kong time (harhar) but you know, birthday is just a birthday. When you're happy, it's like birthday everyday anyway. I'll be taking pictures of Disneyland for you all tomorrow. I'm going to do some late night work and hopefully sleep a bit earlier teheee. 

This year has been absolutely amazing and who knows what 25 will be like. Either way, I know it will be great. As long as I have my family, friends and loved ones....and you guys!!! Tehehe ^.~ Some of you are shocked about me being 25 haha, I'm going to take that as a compliment!!! I bet it's the height though. 

Thank you again for your birthday wishes once again. I'll be going to bed with a big big cheesy smile on my face *BIG hugs* This is greedy but I hope next year you guys can still be here to wish me happy birthday >.< tehee...


Good night World!

Much love, Bubz xx


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