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Money, Success & Happiness

Hello buddies,

I'm suddenly inspired to write a post today. I've been thinking about it all today and yesterday but before I get all worked up and "in typing mode", better get some green tea first. Be right back!

Ok, I've got my nice hot green tea next to me. I'm good to go! 

Have you ever watched TV and thought "Pwhoar, he is only 16 and he is already a multi millionaire! He has like a million teen girls gushing over him. Why can't I be this person?" Let's not even talk about the lifestyle of the famous and rich people. Let's talk about the people in OUR lives. Have you been jealous? Of course you have. We all have. We never like to admit we're jealous. We have too much pride. While some admit their jealousy, some would joke about it but deep deep inside- the envy is still there. 

Let me give you an example of my forms of jealousy.

I'm 8 years old. My cousin got to learn ballet AND get piano lessons. I wanted to get lessons too. I'm envious of my cousin.

I'm now 13 years old. My cousin got straight As in her report. I got straight Bs. During a family dinner, aunties and uncles praise her and gives her money as a reward. I sit there feeling embarrassed and stupid. I feel dumb. I envy her intelligence. I question myself.

I'm 16 and I'm jealous of my brother. He is the youngest of the family and he gets whatever he wants. He is spoilt rotten. 

I'm 22 years old. Some of my friends got jobs after graduation. I'm happy for them but I'm also jealous inside. I'm stuck being a bum. People are moving forward in life and I feel like I'm lagging behind.

Sometimes we can feel so little. We see celebrities becoming role models to huge audiences. We see people suddenly become overnight millionaires. We see our own peers doing better than us. We start comparing our achievements and then we start to feel worthless. We see people with their glamorous lifestyles and we want it too...

Some of the World's most miserable people are the rich and famous ones. Greed leaves you wanting more. Money can solve problems but it also creates problems too. You end up worshipping money. Nothing ends up being enough. Everything that can be bought with money isn't long lasting. That's why people get bored and want more. Nothing physical in this world can really bring long lasting happiness. 


But some of the happiest people in the world are the ones that don't earn very much. They're probably just average joes. They don't stand out in a crowd but they are rich with happiness. Because they value things that money can't buy.

Money can buy you medication but not health
Money can buy you a house, but not a home
Money can buy you sex, but not love
Money can buy you followers, but not respect

So you're not a multimillionaire. So your job isn't the most glamorous or exciting role. You can still be happy. You can be a bread maker and be the best bread maker there ever was. As long as you enjoy it. As long as you are happy. I would rather just get by with a job I'm passionate about than earn lots of money but be miserable.

If I gave designer handbags to children in a 3rd World country, they won't know what to do with it. What they really want is food, water and medication. They need this to survive. They want their parents and siblings to be healthy so they'll be able to grow up with them in their lives. These things are so basic to us and we are already so lucky and blessed. We are already some of the wealthiest beings on earth. Yet we want more because we are never satisfied.


There's nothing wrong with doing well in life and earning money of course. I just realised that money really can't bring permanent real joy. We can get so caught up wanting this and that. We need to be better than others but everything we have now is possibly what we'll ever need to be happy. We read about rich and famous celebrities going into rehab and questioning "There must be more to life than this". That's because money isn't made to bring real joy.

Then there's people out there who feel so little in the World. So you're not the prettiest one of the group. So you're not the smartest. So you're not the wealthiest. You don't have to be anything big make an impact. Everybody can. Large or small scale. 


You can be a good friend, sibling, spouse or parent. You have no idea how much you can do for a person. You may think it's nothing but things you can do are priceless such as lending somebody a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to or a hug to comfort and reassure. Sincerity is priceless. This is something that really cannot be bought with money.

Why do we compare ourselves to others? We hate being compared against others but we do it to ourselves. Why is she so damn pretty? She has brains AND looks AND a killer body. Life seems so easy for this person and she must be loaded too. But behind all the glamour we see on the surface, what do we really know? Behind the expensive designer clothes, handbags, sports car, pretty face and confident smile... we can't see the person behind closed doors. Because everybody has problems. There are so many problems in this world that money can't solve. 

Steve Jobs is known to be a genius. He co founded Apple and is exceptionally wealthy. He managed to use money to give him the best treatment for his illness but in the end- lost to pancreatic cancer.

Why do we hear about celebrities suiciding? How did it turn so difficult that they felt the only way out was to end their life? 

I know not everyone of you out there believes in God but I'm going to share this anyway. Jesus was never rich. For 30 years he worked as a carpenter and he never ever gotten a payrise. He was never a CEO of a multinational company but he managed to change so many people's lives. Whether you believe in Jesus or not, you cannot deny the fact millions of people's lives are changed because of Him. I know what you guys are thinking. "Bubz, that's because He has magical powers! He's God!!!!" Ok, that's true. But that's not the point I'm trying to get across. It's His Love that touched lives too. Yes he can walk on water and calm storms but I'm not just talking about big gestures here. He was selfless and kind.

Big or small gestures, WE can all make a difference too. 

I remember when I was a teenager, I worked behind the bar in the restaurant. I always felt like nobody acknowledged me in the restaurant. The chefs got compliments for their cooking. The waitresses got compliments for their great service. Nobody spoke to me. I was the invisible person of the restaurant. But one day this old cute couple came in and before they left, the old man turned to me and said "Thank you". I asked him why and he replied "You cleaned the glasses and without you, nobody in this restaurant would have gotten drinks". It sounds so silly to you guys but I was so touched by his kind words. 

Nobody in this world is useless. You may feel tiny but you are the World in someone else's eyes. 


When a stranger smiles at me, it makes my day. But when I see people make acts of kindness, it seriously inspires me. I get so amazed and I'm like "Wow, that is amazing!" It inspires me to be a better person. Believe me, it is hard trying to be a better person. We'll never be perfect and we'll always sin because it's in our nature to. But as long as we learn from our mistakes too. I realise that helping others is a form of happiness. We all have the ability to do it but sometimes we only like to think about ourselves. I feel guilty about being selfish sometimes. But when we are good to others, we are best to ourselves. 


I'm turning 25 soon. These few years has changed A LOT for me. A hobby turned into a dream come true career. I now have my own T-Shirt and Makeup Brush range. It's wonderful and exciting and I feel so blessed because I love doing what I do. But there's always gonna be people out there that will do better than us. That's fine. It's not a contest and if it were, you'll always lose. There was a time I was in despair because I know things can suddenly change in the next few years. I panicked about my future but I was also thinking there  has to be more to life than this. And there really is. When I was growing up, I wanted to earn lots of money and be famous. As I grow more mature, now I realise what I want in life and realise what really matters most in life. 

Now I just take everyday as it comes. I have more than enough to get by. I'm passionate about what I do. I constantly try to remind myself everyday not to be greedy because I am already so so blessed. 

Everybody is different and therefore everything thinks differently. Nobody can really tell you how you should think. We all have our own perceptions of happiness. Not everybody will agree with what's said in this post. That's fine. I just wanted to share some of my thoughts with you all because you guys mean a lot to me. Part of the reason I feel blessed is because of you guys. I never thought I can experience such support and love through a bunch of strangers around the globe. It just seems unreal and yet it IS real. You guys inspire me to be a better person. It's not easy because none of us will ever be perfect. But I'm willing to learn and willing to try. We're all blessed but not everybody can see it in themselves. If you seek, you will find.


Love is the most precious gift in the World. You have it already.

I know this was a lengthy read. If you got as far as here, thank you so so much for taking the time to read this. Above is one of my fave Christian songs. Whether you are a Christian or not, I invite and welcome you to listen to the song. I know Christianity is touchy but sometimes I just want to shout out to the whole world because I'm sooo happy to be a child of God. I hope you can respect my belief too.
 Sometimes when you guys thank me for helping you out, I want to tell you guys that I didn't do it alone. Jesus did. I felt led to write this by the Holy Spirit and I pray the Holy Spirit will continue to guide me and use me to inspire everybody. 

Bubz xx


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