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I miss my sister...

Hey everybody ^.^

It's midnight right now and what a day! My little sister left for Singapore today =(. I only got to spend less than a week with her but feeling very happy to have been able to spend quality time with her. I hope she enjoyed her short stay in Hong Kong as well. I miss her so much ='( I bet she just misses my dog lol, she went into my room today and was like "I'm going to miss you so much... Chubbi!!!" Dog over sister here!

For the past 6 days, I pushed work aside to make sure I'll have time to shop and dine with the little sister. Her boyfriend Paul also stayed with us so the apartment was lively and fun. Nonetheless, I hope they have lots of fun in Singapore and they are welcome to visit again. I miss you guys!

I spent today editing two videos; another 'Shopping with Bubz' video and a 'November Favourites' video. You guys can check out the shopping video (featuring my little sister) below:

Here are some pictures taken recently. Shopping malls are decorated so beautifully for Christmas and I couldn't help but take photos hehee...

Pretty Christmas tree behind

Winter Wonderland ^__^ 

Yummy crepe! I feel bad when I look at this photo because I was kinda PMSing that day. I asked the waiter if I can add bananas to my crepe and he said no because the menus are set. I thought it was ridiculous and I took a stromp at him =( I've been feeling guilty for a few days now. It wasn't his fault and I should've have given him an attitude. Sorry Sorry! Blame the hormones lol.

I'm feeling kind of stressed lately and I feel like it is building up. I feel like I have a lot to do in a small space of time. Kind of like how I felt back when I was studying for my A level exams in High School. After typing this entry, I'll have to pack and prepare a bag for filming tomorrow. We are *fingers crossed* hopefully filming a Bubbiosity video tomorrow at my friend's house. Hoping everything goes well because it's been such a long time since my last comedy video, I'm afraid you guys won't find the next one funny >.< Then there's stress because there are so many tutorials I want to film and website articles I want to write but but I just need to take a deep breath and do everything at my own time. Phew, calm down Bubz!

I was talking to a friend the other night actually and she told me that a lot of people out there thinks I'm with Tim because he is rich? (huh? lol) Tim laughed when he heard this and he was like "Cool, I'm a rich now". He was proper loving it. Especially with him buying me a car apparently lol. Who makes this stuff up seriously? We've known each other since we were 16 years old and back then, we could only afford to buy each other things by saving our lunch money. All I can say is we do work very hard  for our future and are both independent and happy.  Since I'm clearing up one rumour, I might as well clear up another silly one. I promise that I have never had any type of eyelid surgery before. I had natural double eyelids but it just happens that they are also hooded so when I look up, they are hidden. It's no biggie and I thought this was very common amongst asian eyes. Why it would go as far as a big discussion/debate is beyond me *scratches head*. It's just eyes, get over it. 

Anyways, November just flew by just like that. We are approaching December already and gotta say, I'm looking forward to it. The apartment is so messy that it stresses me out so much. Just want to move into the new apartment as soon as possible because I'm fed up sitting on a floor over boxes as a table x_x. I can't wait till the furniture arrives because THEN I can vlog a video of home decor shopping.

My sister bought Chubbi a little dinosaur outfit the other day and we put it on her for fun and she looked hilarious. Looks even more like a boy now but she is so adorable.

Fluffy head Chubbisaur!

Aww her cute little body =')

She can sit!

Okilies, it is already 1am and I got to prepare stuff for filming tomorrow. Good night guys. Wrap up and take care.

Much love, Bubz xx


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