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I've got the Holiday Spirit!

Hello sweet bombs!

Tim is currently making me dinner... at 11PM! Today was meant to be a day of filming but it was cancelled because my friends had errands to do. Hope you guys understand that my friends have a full time job so finding a free day can be tricky but we're getting there. But I'm PROMISED that we will get filming done this week. STEVE, IF YOU ARE READING THIS- YOU PROMISED!! Yes? =D. Thank you!!!

So since today was free for me, I decided to clean out the apartment. Since I'm moving out soon, I kind of thought to myself "Why bother?" but then it is true when they say a clean comfortable enviroment = comfortable living. The thing about cleaning is, we will procrastinate as much as we can until it reaches a stage where it is unavoidable. THEN, you get around to cleaning out one room and then you decide to sweep and mop. THEN you will decide to clean out the bedroom, office room, bathroom and kitchen. It's like I go on Super Saiyan mode and the feeling you get afterwards is AWESOME. I can walk around the apartment bare feet without getting black feet. Even bathed little Chubzter too. 

Proof that Tim is right about my cups being everywhere. You guys can also see the mess too! LOL. If my mum sees this, I will get a right earful. BUT I did clean out the apartment today!!! OK? So I'm not that shameful lol (maybe just a little). Oh by the way, how cute does Chubbi look in here? She watched the ENTIRE documentary on foxes. I've NEVER seen her sit still in front of the TV and stare at the screen before. She was staring at it SO intensively. As if she is learning about her fellow furry cousins. At the end during the credits, it shows a fox running towards the screen and she started barking crazily at it. I think she thought the fox was running towards her.

Speaking of foxes, I have decided I like them now. The documentary was so dramatic with the music and all. It documents the life of a baby fox (they even named her Snowy) and you watch her grow up, find love and start a family. It was so touching and suddenly it shows her lying dead on the road and the narrator is like "This is Snowy. She is dead. She got ran over by a car". Then you see another fox approaching the lifeless Snowy and the narrator is like "Perhaps he is trying to wake her up". Damn it, got myself all teary and emotional. Today I'm still wondering what happened to Snowy's little babies? Before I get worked up, I'll talk about something else.

Oh here is my latest video by the way. A fun "Get Your Freak On' tag video. I had fun =D

The weather has been really nice lately and it's no longer crazy humid/hot. I can actually turn off the air conditioning machine and open the windows for fresh (well...) air. Apparently this Christmas is going to be very cold in Hong Kong this year. While most people here are dreading it, I'm the opposite. I come from Northern Ireland so I grew up with rain and wind. Christmas just won't feel like Christmas without the cold weather. I don't think I'll get to see snow (obviously, being in HK and all) but i'm excited to see the Christmas lights. Apparently Hong Kong takes pride in having beautiful Christmas lighting and decorations. It just feels magical to see lights dancing and sparkling. Makes me feel all warm and happy inside. 

I won't get to see Christmas lights in my home town...

But I'll still be able to enjoy Christmas in Hong Kong =)

I can still leave the apartment wearing shorts and a tshirt but Tim and I have already purchased our Winter coats. They certainly aren't pretty because it's one of those bomber style jackets so we look like walking balls but DAMN the coat is warm and light!!!

Speaking of Winter clothes, I'm loving the knitwear mixed with plaid shirt look. So casual, cosy and cute!

I can't believe my birthday is in 2 weeks. I'm going to be 25!!!!!!! Can you believe it? Don't answer that actually lol. My face/expression symbolizes my excitement =_=.  LOL just noticed the underwear and socks being hung behind me. Woops. 

Good night world. Have to wake up in a few hours to open door for little sister. She is visiting Hong Kong yeyy!

Much love, Bubz xx


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