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I've had this feeling within me for a while now and unless I let it out- I'm going to be on whine mode for the next few weeks. I keep whining about it lately that Tim actually asked me "Would you like some cheese with your whine?" Get it? Wine and Whine- what a noob pun! Not funny! I'll take him!! Grr lol...

Anyway, as you all know... I am a VIP (aka Big Bang fan). I have been a fan for YEARS and always believed in them ever since they first debuted. Now, as you all know - MTV EMA Awards was held in Belfast this year. BELFAST! NORTHERN IRELAND! My home town! The arena is literally 5 minutes drive from where I live. YOU KIDDING ME? Fine, I didn't really care to be honest. I hear Justin Bieber, Katy Perry etc are going to be in Belfast. Meh....

Then I hear about Big Bang coming to Belfast!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Do you guys know the chances of this happening is like..SOOOOO SLIM!!!! Nobody comes to Northern Ireland (lol). People associate Belfast with bombs (which I don't blame you guys for ok?). 

Now I hear about my FAV band of all time making their way into Belfast and I'm not even in the country!!!! I literally did a "NOOOO" like Star Wars when Luke finds out Darthvader is actually his father. The chances of this happening is soooooo slim. My sister and friends actually GOT to stalk them and get personal autographs from them. This is only possible because it's BELFAST. It's a niche music market so they were actually able to get near them. Try getting near them in US or Australia, no chance! Ahhh it hurts. I can't believe how bummed out I am. Whyyy? WHYYYY? Oh well... I'll just steal the autographs from my sister next time (lol...) But what makes me happy is knowing they WON!!! Totally deserved it. Very happy for their success. Forever VIP babyy!!! 

Little sister with messages for Big Bang

Personalised autographs for little sister and her friends. Jealous? I AM!!!!

Kind of scary how my sis & friends knew where Big Bang were staying. This was actually Taeyang's room lol.... creep alert.

My friend Ani (blogger epued) recieving a signed Big Bang album!! I think that guy is Big Bang's manger? *shrugs* 

Taeyang looks sooo cute!!!!! I think this was when they were about to head to airport?


*Drools* Taeyang again.... 

So enough of my whining and fan girl-ing. I'm still jealous by the way! I haven't felt this jealous in YEARS and you guys know I'm usually cheerful (lol). Sigh.. I am happy for my sister & friends though. They didn't sleep for days for this!!! Anyways, there is always next time! TAEYANG, NEXT TIME YOU'RE MINE!!!! lol...

Hong Kong is getting cooler these days so wrap up, my Hong Kong friends. I can't believe it will be Christmas next month! I wasn't too into the holiday spirit last year but I'm so excited this year. I may start my Christmas shopping early this year. Going to get Chubbi lots of presents for her to open. I got her a winter hoodie recently but she doesn't like it AT ALL. She always wiggles out of it and then tries to destroy it afterwards trying to tell me who's boss.

Anyway, was meant to head into China with friends today for a lil day trip. However, it rained really badly this morning so ended up staying in Hong Kong (which I was kind of fine about). When friends return, we shall film more Bubbiosity scenes.

Okilies, off to have dinner with Tim's grandparents ^_^. Looking forward to home cooked dinner because it's getting so chilly in Hong Kong.

Cheeky Chubbi was trying to wiggle off her hoody but then got tired and fell asleep XD She's been a little unwell lately again. Small dogs have sensitive stomachs and she probably ate something bad in the streets again. Been told to feed her a strict diet of just chicken and rice because it's supposed to be bland but let me tell you, she LOVES it. She doesn't get fed much apart from her normal dog food so this is like Disney Land for her.

Take care guys, oh ps! LIKE if you LOVE BIG BANG ^_^ I know I'm usually more "together" in my diary posts but it's Big Bang! It cannot be helped =D

Much love, Bubz xx


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