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I Hate You?

Hey everybody,

It's 11:01PM and I am snuggled up in bed with a hot water bottle. Got a bad case of cramps and sore back but refusing to take painkillers today. How did you guys spend your Halloween?


A few nights ago, I had a fun BlogTV session with you guys. A lot of you guys also notice that Chubbi is getting fluffier by the day hehee. I was actually going to sleep soon but had to open door for Tim. He went for light drinks and said he'll be home around 2am. He came back at 6am!! I was sooo sleepy and kind of angry because we're supposed to go out early the morning after. I was like "DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? IT'S 6AM AND...Oh you got congee? Cool hehe..."

So then after only getting 3 hours sleep, we headed out to Kowloon Bay to meet our interior designer. I'm slightly anemic so I was pretty tired and ended up not going to the Halloween party. Is this sign of old age? lol. In Hong Kong, people don't really trick or treat. I remember back in Northern Ireland, my granny used to give out oranges, bananas and pears LOL! Lucky kids!! 

It won't be until at least mid December before I move into the new apartment so it gives me plenty of time to prepare bits and bobs for the apartment. 

So right now, I'm just typing this diary entry while I upload a new video. Yep guys, it's the Boyfriend Tag video. You guys have been asking for it for such a long time. I've also written a new script for Bubbiosity but a bit bummed out because the current apartment we live in now is completely FILLED with boxes so don't really have space to film =/ I'll see what I can do. I know I kept going on how much I couldn't wait to move since this apartment is so small but I'm going to miss this place. The only thing I won't miss are my neighbours. For the entire 2 years living here, they have hooked through my garbage. YES! How weird is that? Nothing precious to find unless they want pee stained doggy pads? *shrugs* Anyways, just uploaded the boyfriend tag video. You can watch it below now yeyyy!

I dyed my hair darker today too. I picked a dark brown hair colour first but chickened out and ended up dyeing it with the 'Glossy Brown' hair dye from Liese. I'll upload a picture later for you guys to see hehee....

OH! It's 11:11!! Make a wish!!! Speaking of 11, can you guys believe we're in November already? Another month and it will be my birthday. Christmas is close too!!! You guys looking forward to Christmas this year? Looks like I won't be able to fly back to Northern Ireland to spend time with family this year but still feel happy to be with Chubbi & Tim. 

I decided to be "romantic" and wrote "I love You" on a piece of paper before folding it into a paper airplane and throwing it to Tim's desk. Ten minutes later, I see something fly pass me. It was his failed attempt to make a paper airplane (how is it that MY paper plane skills is better?). I opened it up and this is what I see. Humph!!!! 


So I huffed at him for copying my paper airplane idea AND having a sucky message inside. Then 20 minutes later, I saw him hard at work trying to make some sort of origami. I thought he was trying to make me something and turns out he was trying to fold a paper airplane that returns when you throw it!!!!!!!! Boys!


His way of folding a heart lol... So cute! He has very child like writing/drawings. 


Anyway night night guys!! I just took this quick picture from my macbook pro before I brush my teeth. Can't really tell but it is darker. I like the colour ^_^. It's a true brown. Makes hair look glossier. 

Much love, Bubz xx


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