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Peekaboo ^_^

Hey guys,

It's been a little while since my last diary entry. Got quite a lot to update you guys on teeheee but first, I will announce the TWO extra winners of the giveaway contest as promised. I've posted out the prizes to majority of the winners but two people didn't respond back to me. I waited for almost a week before deciding to re-choose the two winners. Congrats to the two winners below with their lovely pictures ^_^  

2winners1The sky is smiling ^_^

This pic made me teary =')

I have already contacted the winners through facebook message so remember to check your inbox so you can get back to me yessie? ^.^

Now! Time for a little update. Well? Today Tim and I headed into Central to sign the final documents of the property posession papers. This means the apartment is officially ours (and officially in debt lol). We'll be getting the keys on Monday. THAT'S IN 4 DAYS!!! I'm so excited and I'll vlog the experience for you guys. So I've been busy getting home decor ideas and doing lots of research. It'll probably be at least a month or two before we move in but I know time will fly by. Tim is leaving most of the decorating for me since I keep putting him down in every suggestion. He's can barely finish his sentence before I shut him down by saying "NO!". This seems cruel yes I know but this guy has mario kart as his bedroom wallpaper back home (which is kind of cute I guess lol). Speaking of Tim, I really want to do the boyfriend tag video because I want you guys to meet him. When he is more free, i'm shoving a camera in his face yo! 

The other day, mum and I went shopping and it was so nice. I know where I get my indecisive gene from now because she spent HOURS looking for a phone cover for her iPhone. We were in Lady's Market and I was bored out of my mind so I went for a dander. I stopped by and saw these vanity cases. They look fine and they're sturdy but HK$500? That's insane. I know vanity cases are expensive but we're talking about Lady's market here. I can't haggle and I certainly can't act cool. I actually put on my Baby Bubz face and was like "500 dollars? mm.... I really want to buy but it's too dear..." I ended up bringing the vanity case home for HK$200!! That's like only 18 GPB bwahahaha! 

Vanity Case filled with vanity goods

What else? Oh, I filmed a Chinese Girl tutorial yesterday so spent most of today editing it. Now if it's not obvious enough, I'm already chinese so there isn't a need for me to look chinese. It's just more of a makeup tutorial to match the traditional chinese style dresses. My sister went as a chinese doll for Halloween two years ago and she looked soo adorable and got so many compliments that I wanted to create a chinese look as well. I was supposed to film a Geisha tutorial but we'll see, might do that as well. Do you guys have any idea what you want to be this year? I'm still thinking... hmm...

Editing this tutorial at the moment. Mum picked this outfit for me. Looks cute huh? But the back shows TOO MUCH SKIN! I was hoping to get a red gown but pink is cute I guess. This gown goes down to about half way down my thighs so I'll wear a pair of black tights underneath. I think the look is pretty wearable too?

Yesterday I was watching TV and one of the characters said something like:

"We can become fed up with the most extravagant foods. At the end of the day, it's all about who you eat with that matters".

It's true isn't it? I feel really happy and lucky sharing a bowl of ramen with Tim. It applies with life aswell. In each life, we'll have good days and bad days. At the end of the day, it's the people who we spend our life with that matters. Even if I have the most horrible day, I know I'll have my family, boyfriend and friends to fall back on. You see my drift? ^.^

I've been getting such a head pickle trying to write my Bubbiosity script. I spent endless hours looking at a blank screen and it hit me. Trying to think of comedy ideas infront of a screen is no good so I whipped out an A3 sketch pad and drew a spider diagram and got a few more ideas. I'm going to go and work on the script now...Fingers crossed lol.

Good night world!

Little Chubbi wanted to be cuddled to sleep whilst I was watching TV. By the way, it looks like I'm not wearing anything underneath but I assure you I was wearing shorts lol.

Almost forgot the announce the time. It is currently 1:00AM. I have this weird need to tell you guys the time these days. Maybe I should be a time teller.

Much love,

Bubz xx

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