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Can't Sleep = Rambling & updates!

Hey everybody,

It's actually only midnight now so it's pretty early for me but I should be sleeping soon  because I have to get up early tomorrow. Do you guys remember way back I told you about Make A Wish foundation? It's a meaningful charity that grants wishes for brave children. Well tomorrow, I will be meeting Ellen- an adorable and very talented girl who flew all the way from Australia with her family to meet ... well, me. 

Even thinking about it sends shivers down my spine. I'm so nervous but I can't wait to meet her along with her adorable sister Amy. They actually have a channel on Youtube and they make great covers so definitely check them out (xAmyandEllenx). They are very talented and sweet girls! Let's show lots of support & love.

You know what guys? I never thought that I would be an option for anybody to fly thousands of miles to meet. I mean, a celebrity yes but me? No way!!! Even now, I am still so confused why out of all the people in the World, they would want to meet me.

Tomorrow I will be greeting the girls and giving Ellen a make over. Hopefully, I can take them to Ocean Park on a different day too. It will be a nice girly day and hopefully I can also listen to them sing. Apparently their parents have seen my Bubbiosity videos so erm... lol that's always embarassing but looking forward to meeting them too. But tonight I guess I'm just feeling inspirational, fuzzy and warm because I finally realise how worth it and meaningful doing what I do can be. To Ellen, her wish is to meet me but she has no idea she is fulfilling a wish for me as well. What an honour. What she doesn't know is that she has inspired me in so many ways too. She is strong, cheerful and musically talented and she inspires me to live life to the full by being happy. Tomorrow will be a day I'll never forget. For some reason, Ellen and Amy already seem like little sisters to me. I am so happy to be able to connect (and even meet) with you guys. My brain is just having a brain fart moment now lol... But wow! This is amazing and I can't wait.

I was on the Make A Wish website earlier and was so overwhelmed, it made me so teary. Little children make the purest wishes. Sometimes, adults can be greedy. They want MONEY, POWER and FAME. But I would read about a little sick child wanting a puppy or a play house. Their hearts are so pure that it just got me emotional. 

So just a little update as well, today was rainy and gloomy. Tim forgot his documents and I had to come to the rescue by traveling 1.5 hours to hand him his documents lol. I don't know about you guys but I NEVER bring an umbrella out with me. I have like 5-6 umbrellas in the apartment because I keep having to buy one in desperation lol. I've had a busting headache all day but hehe of course I'm still in a good mood hohoho.

Some of you guys already know this from Twitter but I recieved a phonecall the other day to inform me that my apartment will be ready next week! AWESOME NEWS! This means I'll possibly be moving in NEXT MONTH! I've been hunting for nice interior design ideas eagerly because I can't wait to turn the new apartment into a home. This is my first home. No more rent. No more throwing money down a drain. This apartment is soooo messy with boxes everywhere because the place is so small and I constantly have bruises on my legs from knocking into corners lol. I'm looking forward to a bigger and brighter space because we all know ideas come better when our enviroments don't stress us. I'll share the experience with you guys nonetheless and will document the process.

Ok- it's already 1AM so I should get some sleep.

Good night world!

Halloween is coming up! This year I'm deciding to do a few costume looks (only the easy ones because you guys know me lol). I filmed this Misa Amane tutorial whilst not sleeping for 26 hours at that time. Still need to edit this. Hope you guys will enjoy anyway. I loved the anime Death Note but to be honest, I kinda think Misa was a little annoying lol. I support L all the way!!!

Much love, Bubz xx



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