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Pictures that Make You Smile Winners!

Hey everybody,

Here's the post you guys have been waiting for. It's time to announce the ten winners of the Bubbi Brushes giveaway. Yeyyy!


I asked you guys to submit a picture that makes you smile. It could be a picture that inspires you or something that makes you laugh. It can be something simple or something meaningful. I just wanted to take a glimpse into your World.

It was so pleasant going through your entries. I actually viewed them daily as they were submitted but I viewed them all over again near the end which did take me a while lol. 

First of all, I want to thank everybody who submitted a picture. I really am so grateful for each and every entry. I really needed to see these pictures because I was going through a rough week and your pictures spoke and inspired me so much. Thank you so much for introducing your loved ones to me. It was such a pleasure viewing these beautiful pictures. I finalized the entries into 30, then 20 and then 10. It was sooo difficult. 90% of you guys did not mention the pictures weren't your source but I decided to let that rule go. However, I was unable to accept entries after the deadline because it would be unfair to other contestants. Nonetheless, let's get to the ten winners. You guys are all winners in my heart (insert corn) and whether you won or not, I still hope you guys will enjoy these pictures. I hope these entries put a smile to your faces. 

 The Ten Winners

winnerSubmitted by Dee Kewl
This picture is so cute but also makes you laugh. It would make a great screensaver in our desk tops because of the motivational message. I love how the doggy is half way in the air. Such a great feeling of energy when looking at this picture. I absolutely agree with the saying, "If you believe, you will succeed" too. Sooo cute. Looks like doggy is about to take off into the air and fly.

winner2Submitted by Lilli Nguyen
This picture is sooo adorable but at the same time simple. It's just a portrait of a baby looking amused. The innocence of a child's face makes everybody smile. I like how her hair is slightly messy too. *squeals* So cute. 

Winner3Submitted by So Fly
This picture touched me on many levels. What I see here is real love between two siblings. This is a picture of Taeho (who is 12) and his little brother who is born with no arms. Even with a disability, he is independent and lives life to the full. Look at the smile on his face. So cute. 

winner4Submitted by Sophie MacKenzie
This picture made me laugh so much. It's a picture of a cute lab called Sophie with her favourite toy. I love the simplicity of this picture because it's so silly but cute. Such a cheesy smile too. 

Submitted by Pretty Pahua
What a beautiful picture of a young beautiful family. Looks like their gorgeous baby son could be a kpop idol too! Loving his style and cute personality. Wishing you guys lots of happiness & love. I felt a lot of warmth from this picture too.

Winners6Submitted by Cindy Tran
This picture was interesting. It tells me to tilt my screen back so I did and suddenly I can read "You are beautiful, yes you!". A lot of us find it difficult to accept ourselves for who we are. It can suddenly become difficult to see ourselves clearly in front of the mirror. All we need to do is step back and look in a different light. Then we will realise our beauty is always there. Great yet simple message Cindy.

winner7Submitted by Jay Cummings
This is another cute picture with a message of inspiration and imagination, almost as if nothing is impossible. Jay says "Imagination is the most powerful thing in the World". This child actually gets to be a superhero too. We can all be heroes. 

winner8Submitted by Cungy Cool
Cungy says even in the darkest moments of our life, something beautiful is just blooming in the corner. I love how the background is blurred and dark but the blooming of a cherry blossom can be seen glowing in the light. Sometimes we don't see it but beauty is all around us.

winner9Submitted by Nihara Cooray
Nihara says that sometimes the simplest things in life can bring you joy. I agree, I used to pick up a dandelion and make a wish. I would then watch little pieces fly in the wind. I loved how Nihara says "Even though this flower is coming to an end, it is still beautiful and seems to have hope for the future". A single dandelion will continue to spread all over to create multiples and multiples of dandelion. Incredible right?

winner10Submitted by Sasha Mizuguchi
This picture shows Sasha and her amazing doctor who saved her life when she was a baby. It must be amazing for this doctor to not only save this baby's life but to see this baby grow up into a beautiful young lady. Blessings of life. 


I decided to add these bonus winners because I thought their pictures were also amazing. It's 3:31am LOL, woke up from my sleep because I kept thinking about it. These were also Tim's picks ^_^.

Submited by Ana Maria
It's hard not to smile looking at this picture. I mean, LOOK AT IT!! Look at that smile! Looks at those eyes ^__^

Nana De La Courcel
Hahaha look at the resemblance! Those eyes and cheeks!!!!!!! So innocent and cute.

So congrats to the 10 winners (and 2 bonus winners hehe) because you all won a set of Bubbi Brushes (yey lol). I will be messaging you all very soon so please remember to check your facebook inboxes so I can send you the brushes ^_^. If you didn't win, please don't be too discouraged guys because I'll be doing more giveaways =). I really had a hard time picking the ten pictures because they were all so good. This is the part I usually don't like because I feel bad with this part T_T. Seriously guys, thank you again for your amazing pictures. They are all so greatly appreciated.

Have a great week everybody,

Much love, Bubz xx


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