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Think about it...


Have you ever listened to a beautiful piece of music and got swept away by it? It's amazing how music can portray such powerful emotions, feelings and thoughts without the need for words. I recently read a book called "It's not about me" and it inspired me to share this quick thought. 

These days it seems as if the world runs by an 'It's all about me" attitude. We find ourselves becoming lost in this confusing world trying to chase success, fame and wealth. We aren't happy enough with what we have. We want to do better than others. We become obsessed with improving everything about us. We become worshippers of money, greed and ourselves. Me Me Me Me Me...

Imagine if a symphony orchestra followed an "It's all about me" attitude. Each artist would do everything he/she can to get attention for self adoration. The trumpeter blowing way too hard, the cellist blocking out the piano, tubas blasting nonstop. A perfect piece of music is destroyed from this attitude. Music becomes chaos. It just doesn't work does it?

"No wonder homes are noisy, business so stressfulled, goverment so cutthroat and hormony so rare. If you think it's all about you, and you think it's all about me, we have no hope for a melody"- Max Lucado.

Think about it...

Since we just talked about music, I want to share this piece with you guys. While you think about the point of this entry, listen to the mesmerizing melody.


A great symphony orchestra is based on team work. The artists listen to each other and thus responds by following the conductor. It's not easy to play a flawlessly so lots of patience is required. There is no such thing as trying to out-play one another because everybody is playing in harmony. It doesn't matter if an artist is playing a small part in an orchestra because that small part is what the melody needs for perfection.

We just follow the conductor and trust in Him.

Much love, Bubz xx


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