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Asian Weddings

Hey guys,

It's already been well over a week since my last diary update. How are you all? There's currently an issue for Typhoon (level 3) in Hong Kong so my Honky friends, I hope you are all safe and sound indoors. 

Yesterday I went to a wedding. I can't believe how many "Are you getting married?" and "You pregnant?" questions I got afterwards lol. My mum's cousin's son was getting married and she asked me to accompany her. Truth was, I was kind of looking forward to it. It's been well over ten years since my last wedding and from what I can remember, chinese weddings have the best food lol. It was quite an interesting wedding and I'll tell you why.

This random granny kept mistakening me as her grandchild. She kept asking me to bring her tea and food. I didn't want to upset her so before I knew it, I was getting her chinese tea and refreshments but I told her I'm not her grandchild. I don't think she understood what I was saying and she kept talking. I really couldn't make out what she was saying because it seemed like she had a mixture of chinese dialects. She sat herself next to me and continued to talk. I just nodded along. I think she was complaining about the aircon but in my mind I was thinking "I've just got myself a new granny!!!!". She then got up and told me to stay in my table because people will come take the seats. All I can say was "Eh ehh" before she wandered off. I was DYING for a pee so I had to hold it in until her return and you know old people can be slow with well...everything. Anyway, throughout the wedding she sat with us and my dad even agreed to drive her home (did she mistaken him as her son? lol). More grannies came and invaded the table. They were really adorable and kept asking me who my father was. This is how most chinese people start conversations. "WHOS YOUR DADDY?" Lol.... So this is random event 1.

Then halfway through the wedding I heard mum and dad deep in convo.

Mum: Person A suddenly grew a whole head of hair (His name was actually 'Sing' but lets say he's just called Person A)?
Dad: No, it can't be!!!! Person A is practically bald!
Mum: IT IS HIM!!!!  I was talking to him earlier.
Dad: No way!!!!!! Why does he have so much hair?
Mum: Maybe he is taking supplements.
Dad: I still got lots of hair (runs his hand through his head proudly and this is when I spit out my tea in laughter)
Mum: I wonder if its a wig...
Dad: I'm gonna go see!

Dad gets up from his table and makes his way to the table 7metres from us.

Mum: (Tries to be discreet but whispers really loud) Don't pull too hard!!!!
Me: (Thinking is this conversation for real?)

Then I see dad with a huge grin on his face tap Person A's shoulder. It looked like he was greeting him. Then before I knew it, dad pulled Person A's hair and I see his "hair" flop to the side.

Dad: (Shouting back to mum) IT'S A WIG!!!
Me: (Dying of embarassment)

Ok so that was weird event 2. Near the end of the wedding, this man comes over and sits on my dad's knee (let's ignore this for now lol). He turned to look at me and showed me this big tattoo on his arm.

Man: See this tattoo? Your dad dragged and forced me to a tattoo salon to get this done but he actually chickened out himself.
Dad: I can't believe you fell for it!

So in conclusion, by the end of the wedding- I adopted a brand new granny (apparently), witnessed my dad pulling off somebody's wig and met a man that got skanked by my dad. My family truly amuses me. I took a few pictures last night so I shall share the joy with you guys. Oh, and congrats to the newlyweds.

Mummy and my great granny. Cute pic of mum holding her hand. My great gran is in her nineties and still amazingly lively for her age. 

This little girl is so adorable. I remember meeting her older sister a long time ago (maybe 10 years now) and I fell in love with her cuteness. I knew this girl must be related to her because she looked like the younger version of the little girl I met back then. I told her she looked just like a princess and she hugged me. 

Dad and the guy he forced to get a tattoo decades ago. Dad is thinking "I can't believe I got away with it". Judging by the tattoo, I guess his name is called Andy =D.

Very awkward looking picture. Mum and I are the only ones smiling lol. Mum is standing far from the bride because the bride was wearing this huge gorgeous dress that pouffed out at the bottom. Was impossible to stand near lol. But still, congrats to the newlyweds again!

My adopted granny lol. Honestly, thinking back I still had no idea what she was saying throughout the whole night. She was adorable but you can kinda tell why I was afraid at the same time lol.

Hmm can hear the wind outside. I realised I forgot to announce the time teheheee, it's 10:25PM right now. Will upload a nail tutorial and watch Jin Season 2 while doing some work. Have a great week guys!


Much love, Bubz xx


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