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New York Trip

Hey my lovelies,

I promised I'll write a detailed diary entry of my New York trip didn't I? *winks* You can check out my New York Vlog below. 

Ok, where should I start? So on the 8th September in the early hours of the morning- Tim and I headed to Hong Kong airport. Tim had been working crazy hours that week and I knew he was sleep deprived so I really didn't want him to travel to the airport and back but he insisted. I remember packing up for my trip that night and Chubbi was extra clingy. In fact, I have a photo of her sleeping on my suit case. It made me very teary.


Off to the airport I go and it was a long long flight indeed. I believe it lasted about 16 hours but I had fun. I watched 3 movies including X Men Third Class, The Bridesmaids and Midnight in Paris. I landed in JFK looking like a hot mess. The flight gave me bumpy skin and a giant zit on my chin. I remember freaking out because it has been too long since my last cystic spot. To keep  short- I didn't enjoy my short time in the airport. I understand that they have to be strict but the guy at immigration was horrible to me. He was so rude and didn't believe that I would only be there for a week. Bla bla bla, I spoke to a nicer lady and I was let through ^_^.

Stylehaul sent a car to pick me up and the friendly driver cheered me up. When I saw the New York skyline, my face just lit up and my heart stopped. EXCITEMENT! I was also nervous because I was barefaced and my skin and hair was icky. 

I arrived to the Hudson Hotel and checked into my hotel room. I was supposed to see Stephanie in the lobby but she changed it for 4pm so I was secretly happy to be able to shower/clean up beforehand. I had 2 hours to shower, blow dry my hair and apply makeup. That spot on my chin seemed to have grown threefold in a matter of hours. Great. 

All refreshed and ready for meeting ^_^

As I waited for the elevator, the doors slid open to reveal Wendy (from Wendyslookbook). She and I were both surprised and I even got to meet her boyfriend (who you all know as Mystery Man). Wendy is absolutely flawless with such a kind and classy personality. I knew we would hit off right away.


I was taken straight to the Nine West Fashion Night Out charity event that day. I witnessed a flash mob which was pretty groovy. I wanted to take pictures with the dancers but they pleasantly approached me asking for a picture which was awesome sauce. Stylehaul handed me the microphone so casually and told me I'll be interviewing people and I remember panicking. I've never interviewed ANYBODY before. Frick, I've never held a microphone (apart from the ones in karaoke bars) in my life either. Suddenly, I missed my easy going filming lifestyles back home. It took me months to be comfortable in front of my macbook isight camera and it's only because you guys made me feel comfortable. Nonetheless, everybody was so friendly and they guided me. They told me I did a good job but I wasn't convinced to be honest lol. 

I had to stand on a box to interview Nigel. He is 6ft 3. I am 4ft 11 haha. He was very charming indeedy. 

I'm told I don't have to act/talk professional infront of the camera. They said I can be my goofy self because apparently my goofiness is endearing (another word to put it lol). This is good news for me because I'm not good at being sophisticated. I'm very grateful for their sweetness but I still felt nervous. That night, we dined in a nice restaurant and after a long day of work- we headed back to our hotel for rest.

Tehehe... New York cops looked like just how I imagine in my head. All they need is a box of donuts. Cute.

The next few days were a total blur. There were a mixture of backstage hair & makeup events, fashion shows and touring events. I'm going to be honest. I felt out of place.

I like clothes. I like shopping. But am I half as passionate about Fashion as the people around me? Nope. I felt bad being at Fashion Week because I'll see aspiring designers hanging outside the Lincoln Theatre hoping to get a glimpse from outside. Wendy would know all of the fashion bloggers and I'd be clueless. I come from a whole different platform. I'm no fashion blogger. I am just a Youtuber lol.  


The whole point me going to New York was so they can make a 'Bubz in New York' episode. I'll be exploring here and there and the camera would be following me. Sounds fun right? Well it was. Mike- my shooter was very sweet and I often joked that he is my New York boyfriend but honestly- at times I felt lonely. I wished I had a friend or family member with me. I would be touring here and there with a camera following me and I would wish there would be somebody to share a conversation with. It wasn't like my holiday vlogs where I was free and careless. I don't know why but I felt alone. I know it seems stupid yes yes I know... 

I feel so thankful that Wendy was there. We got to spend so much time together. She is not only beautiful but so passionate about Fashion. She was constantly looking out for me and I really cherished our time together. She has an amazing story and I am so proud of her success on Youtube. Mystery Man is a very talented guy and I can see he really looks out for her. I wish you two lots of success and happiness for the future. One day we will meet again. 

Remember when I said I felt out of place at Fashion Week? It was probably because I flew to New York wearing non designer clothes. I'm not ashamed of my clothes but it can leave you feeling like an odd ball. People were so polished from head to toe. They would be wearing 6 inch heels and looking fab fab fab. It really felt like I was being looked at constantly and scanned from head to toe because I wasn't wearing designer. It did make me feel a little self conscious lol. I brought dressier clothes to wear to New York but you guys know I'm comfiest in my loose sweater and shorts. Never in my life have I worn heels for the entire week. I wore heavy makeup for 7 days straight. I realised girls really do make effort in New York. 

What was cool was that I got to forecast the fashion trends for Spring 2012. What you guys see from bloggers/vloggers are the present which is why the Fashion industry sees such a huge potential shift for bloggers. A certain famous blogger was actually a guest model on the runway. Since when were opportunities like this available back then? The internet is fast becoming a platform for opportunities. 

What inspired me most actually wasn't from the runway but from the people that I met. The designers, artists and people in the streets have so many awesome stories to tell. I learnt so much. 

The trip was so jam packed with activities so looking back, everything feels like a blur. I just remember one morning waking up and feeling exhausted. I burst into tears because what I needed was to release my tension. It was probably because I was feeling a little unwell. 

It was emotional saying goodbye to everybody. I think we were all exhausted from work but we knew we will miss each other's company. After all, we spent so much time together right? We will hopefully see each other again soon.

I remember feeling excited to see chinese air hostesses on the airplane. I couldn't wait to return to Hong Kong. New York is incredible but would I like to live there? Probably not lol. I'm too much of a simpleton so it will probably be too much for me. The skyline of Manhatten is stunning but I think Hong Kong's skyline has my heart. I never thought Hong Kong would become 'home' to me but it has. The trip was definitely an experience of a life time. I want to thank everybody who took care of me once again.

I'm going to finish up this diary entry with pictures because apparently you guys like pictures most. 

Us girlies with "mystery man". Wendy giving him a good healthy grope.

Steph organised a dinner so us girlies can chill. Kandee is so sweet and she brought her mum (or twin as we say) and cupcake with her. Everybody stopped to stare in awe because Kandee and cupcake wore matching outfits. Cupcake is such a good baby and was a delight the entire night. 

Little miss stunner knew she was getting her picture taken.

After a day of filming, we headed to Central Park. We thought it will be a nice day to row. We heard protestors protest on something but weren't really sure why until I looked at my 'free map' to realise it was against the boathouse. Apparently the owner exploits his workers. I felt so bad afterwards. If I had known about this- I would never participate in the boat house. I have to admit that I did enjoy the rowing though =/

The 'Friends' fountain is a lot bigger than what I had imagined. 

Such a beautiful scenery. Hard to believe that this place exists in New York ^_^

Watching the clothes move on the runway is surreal. What I found most surreal was how flawless these models looked. I was watching a makeup artist clean a model's face for makeup and I couldn't believe how beautiful she looked barefaced.

Was a pleasure chilling out with my girlies. Left to right is Mel, Sammi, myself, Wing, Jess and Wendy. Mystery Man came out for dinner with us that night. My plan was to bully him but we were very nice to him (as always). Bwahaha.

That's all folks ^_~

I know this entry is super long but I really needed to get this out of the way so I can move on with errands lol. Thank you for reading this long long essay. If you have made it all the way here, congratulations for having excellent concentration. Good night everybody. Once again, feels good to be back. 

Much love, Bubz xx


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