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High School Memories

Hey everybody,

It is 11:31PM right now. Today was a very very very tiring day because I spent the entire morning and afternoon packing hundreds of orders. It was actually really fun and it reminded me of the simpler days (huh?). I'm good at packing and I'm very fast. I think it's because I used to work in a chinese takeaway so all the wrapping of chips and chicken balls prepped me for today (haha). I miss the screaming and swearing from the chefs though. If the brushes aren't purchased in sets, they are usually wrapped in tissue paper and a lil ribbon. Kinda felt like wrapping Christmas presents but only difference is that you guys paid for it (lol?).

Remember my cycling session from yesterday? MY BUTT HURTS SOOO MUCH. I can barely sit! Guess it worked out well for me because I spent hours packing whilst standing up so my knees are a little sore. I was telling Tim that I should be a professional wrapper and he was like "Really? Like Eminem?". OH HAHA! But that is actually kind of funny. Not his joke but the image of me attemping to rap. 

After my shipping the products off, I grabbed some food and made my way to the shopping centre. I planned to get a new digital camera because my one is faulty- hence why I haven't camwhored in a while (and why I have to use my webcam). I thought I'll just get an upgrade of my same camera which is the Samsung dual screen one. It was pretty cheap as well (compared to the other digicams) and I was tired so I just bought that one. Then I see Tim playing with a different camera and he's all like 'THIS CAMERA IS COOL'. Somehow I left the store with my digital camera and an Olympus Pen =_=. I already own the 60D and I love it but it's too heavy for me to bring out so I thought I'll get a camera that's between the digicam and dlsr? Burnt a hole in my pocket but I can't wait to use it to take awesome pictures. 


New cameras ^_~

Cute keyring! It's a little Pen camera and you can even change the little pretend lens!!!

Chubbi is sleeping near my feet right now. She is soooo cute. She actually just licked my ankles. I like it. Haha no I don't have an ankle fetish. Speaking of wrong, I was in a stationary store today and there was this little girl in the shop. She kept making moaning noises and it sounded really sexual. It's weird because she looks about 7 but she sounded like an adult. I actually felt pretty uncomfortable and when she saw me staring at her, she moaned even louder. Turns out she was tired and wanted to go home. Lucky there was no pedos around. Has this ever happened to you guys? I know how wrong this sounds. I'm just an awkward person. 

Speaking of awkward, why does Hong Kong have so many sweaty bald middle aged men walking topless in streets huh? During dinner, my boyfriend and I were counting the amount of balding topless men in the streets and you would be surprised with how many we saw. If they're not topless, they are wearing these tinnnnny little shorts that barely cover anything.

Ok moving on. I hope you guys are well. Quite a few of you have started school already. Crazy! I miss High School now. Want to know what I was like in High School?

  1. Always wore butterfly clips in my hair though... Made me feel special =D

  2. Was not the shortest girl in the year but gradually became the shortest when everybody started to grow while I gain an inch.

  3. LOVED school dinners. Our cafeteria has the most unhealthy food EVER (most schools do actually). I used to get 2  sausage rolls and a chip buddy. This was when my metabolism was sky high and I can eat 3000 calories without gaining a single pound. These days, I look at a mars bar and I gain a pound the day after.
  4. During a game of ball, I kicked it and it flew right into our male PE teacher's crotch. Everybody pissed themselves laughing. I was redfaced and embarassed. Thinking back, it was kind of funny but I do still feel bad. He was alright about it though. His name is Mr Officer and he was my form tutor. All the girls had hots for him apparently.

  5. History was my least fav subject because I found it sooooo boring but now I wish I concentrated because I LOVE the History channel. I'm a documentary freak.

  6. Having terrible skin and piling on 1cm of makeup to "cover it up". Only made my skin look worse. I also wore bright blue eyeshadow. Why weren't there makeup tutorials back then on Youtube? Sob sob... Nobody was there to tell me what was right or not lol.

  7. There was a girl in my school and apparently she used to do raunchy things behind the school buildings with teenage boys. People kept thinking this girl was me. Suddenly I turned into the school 'tart'. *Shrugs* I don't know. So racist!!!! Just because we are both chinese and have similar surnames!!! Luckily, they managed to tell that we are different... I think?

I think that is enough of the High School memories lol...

I bet you are all wondering how I looked during High School. Well...


Well...not like this lol. This was me in a school themed party a few years back. Look how tanned I was? I also had dark hair!! That was the last time I remember my hair dark.


With my friend Ric. We share the same surname.

If I had pictures of myself during High School days on my laptop, believe me - I would show you guys for a good laugh. But I don't. I'm sure Tim has some pictures of me during my High School days so who knows? I'll ask him sometime. I'm off to bed.

Good night all,

Bubz xx

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