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Well Helllllo

Hey beautiful ones,

I'm blogging at 10pm! I know right? Nice and early the way it should be. Well I thought I'll type a little update but I've actually sat in front of this laptop for about 10 minutes with a blank mind. You ever have one of those days where people ask you how it was and you spend like 5 minutes trying to think what you did but you're like "Uhhh....?" I'm having that. 

Back! (Not that you knew I was away). Was on the phone with my mum there. She just returned from a girly holiday to Egypt (huh?). I didn't even know she was away until I read her facebook update "Had a lovely holiday with my girlfriends" lol.... I was going through her holiday pictures on facebook as well and some were pretty funny. Picture 4 asian middle aged ladies going wild. When she rung me, I scolded her for not calling me. It's as if I am the mother and she is the daugther =_="

Anyway, here is what I did today:

11AM: Wakes up and gets breakfast. Made myself homemade vegetable soup. 
NOON: Shocked and happy to see Bubbi Brushes doing so well. We launched last night and I was blown away with the amount of orders recieved. Thank you for supporting the range guys!
1PM: Starts to clean the apartment. Decided to play "The happy working song" from Enchanted to get me in a good mood for cleaning. Only pissed me off because I don't have pigeons and rats to do the housework for me.
3PM: Comtemplating if I should gym or not
3.30PM:  Uses the Gym. Awesome! Pokemon was on so I got to enjoy an episode whilst running/cycling.
4:10PM: Comes home to see Chubbi hiding behind sofa. She looks scared. While I was wondering why, I see the kitchen in a HOT MESS. She topplied over the bin and bit through the bag. Rubbish EVERYWHERE. No wonder. Scolded her and she went off in a huff.
4:15PM: Uses the sauna/steam room. Realises I am hungry.
5:30PM: Decides to use a free sample mask given to me the other day. Says it gives a V-Shaped face. Didn't think much of it. Thought it was a normal sheet mask. 
5:31PM: HOLY MOLY!!! FACE IS IN PAIN!!!!! Thought I was having an allergic reaction but read the back of the mask and it says it's supposed to burn. It says 'mild heat'. YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!!! My poor face. What's this? It is burning the fat off my face or something?
5:33PM: Can't stand the sheet mask. Takes it off and looks at the mirror. Face is still round like a ball. Only difference is I now have this RED V SHAPED mark on my face (where the mask was). It went away after a minute though. BEAUTY IS PAIN but that wasn't worth it lol.
6:40PM: Goes grocery shopping for some healthy food. Passes by Watsons to see that horrible stingy mask on sale. It's expensive too!!!!! What?
7:20PM: McDonalds delivery guy arrives with my meal. Since it took him over 30 minutes, he gives me a coupon for a free apple pie.
7:25PM: Realises my hardcore gym session was all for nothing.
8:00PM: Chubbi is still in a huff.
9:30PM: Finishes editing a makeup tutorial 
10:00PM: Updates by writing a diary entry
10:10PM: Mum calls. Picks up and...wait a minute. Already went through this in the 2nd paragraph of this entry.

Kinda fun updating diary like this lol...It's thorough and you guys get the jist. 

I can't believe I'll be off to New York in a week. I need some heels!!!! I have tiny tiny feet (UK3 is my size but I still don't fit in a lot of shoes) so my feet can't arch very high. Anything higher than 3 inches = dead feet on dead land. Oh dear.

How cute is this skirt? The colour, the buttons, the shape, the belt... I need to find this skirt!!!!!


They would match these shoes. I got these for New York. I saw these GORGEOUS YSL heels on TV but it's so hard for me to find them in Hong Kong. Plus, it costs over $HK10,000 a pair (!!!). These ones are a fraction of the price. Not as pretty but good enough for me. Mary jane styles are better for my small feet because pumps will just slip right off. Today I actually saw my friend Wendy's (WendysLookBook) blog post about her birthday outfit and my eyes were like =O!!! She was wearing the beautiful heels. Such great taste!! They look amazing on her anyways and I hope she had an awesome birthday. You guys should check out Wendy by the way. You will love her.

Remember that tutorial I said I just finished? Well it's this one. It's a 3 looks, 3 moods tutorial. Very basic and easy using 3 eyeshadows. It's inspired by an IPSA ad. I'll upload it in a few days. I'll TRY to film a hair tutorial this week too. 

Ps. is finally ready guys! What you think? ^_~

OK, let's keep this entry short but cheerful.

Good Night World!

Much love,

Bubz xx

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