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Story of every girl's life

The other day, I faced the inevitable fact that my wardrobe was looking like a hot mess. It was a sunny afternoon and I finished most of my work so I thought, "What a glorious day to clean out my wardrobe". After all, 80% of the clothes in my wardrobe haven't been touched in ages. I figured it's time to clear out my wardrobe to make space for new clothes. 

So I started to take garments off the hangers. Big coats, jumpers, hoodies etc. I was actually getting into it. Black bin bags became filled up with clothing ready to be stored away until Winter. Thirty minutes into it, I realize my room is now a hot mess. Clothes were lying all over the floor and there was an even bigger mountain of clothes piled over my bed. In fact, the bed can't even be seen. I realized I am only 20% into my tidying and I am already bored. My room is an absolute tip and I just can't be assed. FML. 

Boyfriend walked into the bedroom and saw the chaos. He LOLed (and got punched as well) before running off to do his own thing. He was gaming in comfort T_T

Now it's time to fold away and sort out my clothes. Folds one shirt… *runs off to make ramen noodles*. Returns to bedroom to fold two more shirts before making way to living room to watch a little bit of TV. Back to bedroom again, FOCUS LINDY!!!! I fold a few more shirts before setting off to check up on twitter/facebook. This went on for like an hour. I realized I was making slow progress but it was the only method that can keep me going. 

Somebody on twitter mentioned I should play music whilst tidying because it will lighten up the mood. BAD idea. I ended up dancing on top of the pile of clothes for like an hour instead of tidying. 

After 4 hours of boredom and pain, I finally finish tidying up the wardrobe (last several pieces were actually stuffed randomly into drawers). The sky has turned pitch black. YUSHHHH! 

A few days onwards, wardrobe is already a mess again…. Sigh. What is the point? The story of every girl's life.

Although it was kind of this videos fault. Here is a fashion video called "Over 40 outfits in 3 minutes".

Much Love,

Bubz xx

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