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You Kidding Me?

Okay, I get the craziest emails but this one seriously made me LOL and I just have to share it with you guys. It was sent to my business account and apparently it's from "Welhelmina International School of Modelling Agency". 

When I saw it in my inbox, I thought "Huh? Is this spam? Why would a model agency contact ME, a 4ft11 girl?". I'm just going to let you guys read the email first. The red text is just my little additions. 

Dear Bubzbeauty (You don't even have the decency to find out my name?)

We have had a brief look at your videos on YouTube and have decided that we are very willingly to accept you as a model (Why THANK YOU!!! I AM SO FLATTERED). At Wilhelmina, the biggest modelling agency in the world, we would like to represent you as a professional model. The average income for a 'starting' model, a model who have just begun his/her modelling career, would be around $8000 - 15000 per photo shoot depending on the amount and quality of the photos. The income would soon increase to 20000 - 35000 per photo shoot onwards. If you are interested please:

1. Include your name, measurements (height, weight, bust, chest, hips, waist), age, hair color, eye color, a contact phone number, and an address. (Runs to get a tape measurer OMGZ)

2. Include two close up photos, three whole body shots and three full nude photo,of your front, back and side. Your photos will be administrated with the up-most privacy and will never be released, as stated in our Terms of Service. (Of course you wouldn't. You're from a big modelling agency. You're the real deal)

If you already have an agency it is customary to have them contact us before you can be placed at Wilhelmina. Many models from around the globe are represented by us.

Please reply, with the attached photos A.S.A.P (As soon as possible) (Thank goodness you helped me out with the abbreviations. I would've had NO idea what ASAP meant). We will respond back with our final decision and your agency contact details and plans in two to four working weeks. This proposal is on behalf of the administrator of Wilhelmina. Please consider carefully.

NOTE: You have been assigned with model number #0239349 (I feel so special! I have my own model number). Please include this number with your details/photos to verify your application

Best Regards, Wilhelmina Manager

Over the moon and flattered! I of course, replied "Wilhelmina" right away.


Of course, I attached my 3 photos as requested. Fine choice indeed.




Normally I wouldn't reveal an email address like this but is he serious? Mister Anton Luk (as revealed from your G Mail email account), are you kidding me? Lol.... If only targets are this easy. Maybe in your imagination along with your make believe team of models. Grow a pair of balls to approach a lady instead of using low (and may I add hilarious) methods like this. Beware of this email address ladies!!

My girlies, beware of people like this. Never EVER give out confidential information of yourself.  Ps. The name Fuk Kiu really exists so it's not made up. My granny is called Fuk Kiu Ho (O_O not made up I promimse. She has the most badass name I know and I love her for it). He is lucky I didn't attach 3 naked men photos to the email. Was gonna take a picture of Chubbi's poos but that's too much effort lol.

I'm off to do a little dancing.

Much love,

Bubz xx

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