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It's 2:24AM (for some reason, I always feel the need to let you guys know the time. What am I? A time teller now? As if you guys care about the time) and I'm sitting here next to Chubbi. She's going a bit mental right now. I think she is angry with her tail so she is chasing it. 

So today was an eventful day and I actually have quite a lot to talk about. I mustn't have talked much in the past few days because apparently I am letting it all out today. Tim said to me today "You haven't talked much lately have you? You're extra.... talkative today". I asked him "Do you like it?". There was a long pause before he answered "Sure".

Anyway, today I went down to Mannings to get some stuff. I stopped at the makeup section to look at Maxfactor's new range of nail polishes. They were positioned quite low so I had to bend down a little to look at the products. Out of no where, I felt this jab between my butt cheeks. It didn't sting but it alarmed me because it had been at least 10 years since my last '1000 years of pain' attack (from my siblings of course). I turned around to see a little chinese boy as shocked as I was. He said "Eh? Who are you?" which was weird because it was exactly what I wanted to ask him. He then ran off but not before turning around giving me a cheeky grin. I then realised that several people witnessed my bum rape-age including the store workers (they were trying not to laugh but were failing miserably). Red faced me of course quickly left the store immediately. When I was telling my boyfriend this, I told him that if I see that kid again, I'll thousand year pain on him (as a joke of course) but he told me the disadvantage would be that I would probably end up in jail for child molesting. I almost forgot to explain why the kid poked my butt. He thought I was his sister and FYI, she looked about 12 years old max. She did wear a similar stripey tee like mine though and her hair was tied back into a ponytail. Anyway.... moving on.


For those who don't know what a 'Thousand years of pain' is. 

Almost forgot to tell you guys (again), I'm off to New York city next month (hopefully)!!! I can't believe it because it wasn't expected at all. I'll be at the Fashion Week event for Stylehaul. It's always been my dream to be at Fashion Week *teary eyes*. Finally!!!! FINALLY! Nothing like seeing beautiful models in beautiful clothes. Nothing like a little self esteem blow (lol). I don't know anybody in New York so I'm a little afraid but I know Stylehaul will look after me well. NEW YORK BABY! 



I added a Chubbi section to the site so you guys can catch up with her and watch her grow up. She does crazy things everyday (today, she destroyed my Dune leather sandals) so I figured I might as well share her crazy moments with you guys. The other day, she managed to type AND post a tweet by trampling on my keyboard!!! How did she do that?

I uploaded a DIY beauty tutorial today. I actually really like this one because it's perfect for treating dull & dry skin. Check it out here  if you haven't already.

I finished the Michael McIntyre's autobiography the other night. If you guys don't know him already, he is my fave comedian. I've never read an autobiography before but I'm proud to say that I really enjoyed my first bio book. It's absolutely hilarious with little emotional bits. Makes me realise that dreams really do come true but only to those who really work for it. Highly recommend it if you're looking for a light read. I believe I finished it in a matter of hours but only because it was such an enjoyable book to follow.

Not much has been happening... OH! I went swimming the other day and boy was it a failure. When I swim, it usually means splashing around and looking like an idiot but for real, I attempted to swim and I failed miserably. Is it possible to forget how to swim? I partly blame Tim because he was distracting me. He swims really weird because his butt is in the air and he flaps around like a duck so it made me laugh/choke/drown/sink. I think I'll stick to gym & dancing.

I also went shopping today (poor Tim) so maybe I'll do a haul video? I realised that it has been FOREVER since my last fashion video. Maybe do one of these too actually. Either way, I have a few makeup tutorials coming up (I know, it's been forever) too. I took a month break from Youtube videos and it was actually weird for me to get kick started again. I was excited to make videos again but for some reason, I forgot how to. I ended up feeling a little stressed from it and then I realised I just needed to chill out. Nobody is forcing me to make videos but myself. I guess I just try my best to have videos up as frequently as possible. I just needed to chill out and relax, most of all - enjoy it because I do love making videos. Why would I let stress/anxiety ruin it?

Ok - it is 3.17AM and I must sleep (who am I kidding?). 

Ps. Bubbi brushes launched in 8 days time!! WOWSERS!!!! *pees my pants a little* lolol jk jk...

Good night world.

Much love,

Bubz xx

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