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Best Friend Photoshoot + LOLage.

Hey beautiful,

It's actually only 10am right now and I have been very proud of myself for the past week because I've been waking up WELL EARLY in Northern Ireland. If only I'm this healthy with my sleeping patterns back home. I'm going to be catching a flight to Leeds tonight and tomorrow is when I head to Europe for holiday with my boyfriend and his parents. We'll be heading to Venice first, then Berlin and then Amsterdam, then back in Northern Ireland and finally back in Hong Kong. I will be flying A LOT *_* I love traveling but I HATE flying. My flight from Hong Kong to Northern Ireland took 18 hours and my skin went dry and patchy for almost a week from it sniffles.

So I think I've done 90% of the packing so I want to write a quite update on my diary before jetting off because I won't be bringing my laptop =( No Youtube for 10 days, I'm going to have withdrawal symptoms.

So these few days have been wonderful and I have been enjoying my company from family and friends. A few days ago, I dined with my aunt, cousins and friends at a restaurant called All Seasons. Food is actually pretty nice so I would recommend it. We took some pictures as always.

Picture with my cousin Yannie, best friend Annie and good friend Hay. 



I've known Hay for over 10 years now. We used to be in the same class of Chinese School and he used to be afraid of me because I giggled a lot at the back of class and apparently that freaked him out. He's a top class guy! He's single and ready to mingle ladies. Maybe he can give you a case of hay fever lol!

I actually vlogged the day and if you haven't seen it already, please do because it's absolutely hilarious. We decided to go to Botanic Gardens for an evening stroll (not sure who's idea it was) and we ended up being LOCKED IN. Turns out it closes at 9pm instead of 9.30pm and there was no way out of the park. The only resort was to climb a gate that was like 9 or 10 feet tall. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I won't spoil it for you guys so I'll let you guys watch the Vlog video below LOL:

Only can my family fall into utter disaster from an innocent nice stroll in a freaking park. None the less, it was a very adventurous day and I certainly feel like I can do anything (lol) now. 

Annie and I went shopping the other day and after buying crap loads of stuff (she is bad for my purse), she stayed over in my place that night and we decided to head to the park the morning after to take photos. We wore floral dresses and had flowers on our head like boho chicks lol. It was FREEZING and raining but we still had loads of fun. I was her photographer and she was mine ^.^











These pictures were taken using a tripod XD


Incase you guys are wondering, the hair accessories that Annie and I are wearing are purchased from Newlook. The floral jumpsuit Annie is wearing is also from Newlook (we bought the same jumpsuits XD) as well and my floral dress is from EG.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post. Thanks for reading and I shall speak to you all when I return home from holiday. Take care everybody!

Much love,

Bubz xx


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