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Back in Northern Ireland

Hey everybody,

It's actually pretty early in the morning and I am sitting in bed typing whilst listening to birds chirping. It's been lovely being back home in Northern Ireland (or Norn Iron as we call it). Each morning, I would wake up to chirping birds and it's so refreshing to breathe in the fresh clean air. I walk Max every morning with my granny and just realised how beautiful this place really is. 

When I was in Hong Kong, I would be working non stop and days would pass by like a blink of an eye. Back home, I would look out the window and appreciate the view outside. I see little children playing outside their homes, my neighbours washing their cars and the sunlight shining on the trees. I don't get to see this in Hong Kong because lifestyle is so different there so it's nice to be back and relive old times. 

I've been back home for about 3 days now and while I haven't been up to much, I have been spending lots of time with my family. I got to cuddle with our family dog Max and my granny is fattening me up with her delicious home cooking. I haven't been updating my Twitter, Facebook and Youtube much because I guess I just want to take a step back and chill I guess. I don't see my family much so I want to make the most out of the time we have together. I hope you guys will understand. Anyways, time for pictures because apparently you guys like diary entries with lots of pictures. 

This was when I was skimming over the British Skies. It's looks as if all that is beneath is pure white snow instead of fluffy clouds. So beautiful.

Skimming over the fields of Northern Ireland. I was so happy to see so much green landscape. As we were getting closer to the ground, I was trying to identify the buildings and of course, I knew where all the key buildings were located.

This is Max. Remember him? He is our family dog and he is already nearly 7 now. When I got back, he jumped at me and cried a little of happiness. I was so happy to see him but I was surprised how much bigger he looked lol. He sleeps beside me most days and I enjoy his company. Max had been there for me during my darker days and always reassured me when I used to feel alone. He doesn't know this but I leaned on him for support in so many ways. He used to look at me while I spoke to him as if he was listening to my problems and he used to lick away my tears. That's why I felt guilty seeing him because I have been so into Chubbi (my new dog in HK), I almost forgot about the dog that would be there for me. That's why I've been walking him every single day because I want to make up for all the time we lost. 

My adorable but hardcore granny in her Hello Kitty apron. She's been very well and healthy because she walks Max everyday. I'm very grateful for Max because he keeps her company. She told me if it weren't for Max, she wouldn't be as active today. 

I've been eating my granny's delicious vegetables. When I was little, she would tell me that her vegetables can heal sick people so I must eat lots. She looks so happy when I eat her veggies and I do believe her veggies keep me healthy. It's been very nice to see her in her fields working away everyday. I told her that the veggies in HK taste like crap compared to hers and she was over the moon. 

When I walk Max, I would come to this park and I used to visit this place every day. There's lots of beautiful grasslands and it's nice to look out into the sea. Max gets to run wild in this park and although it makes me happy to see him so happy, I felt bad for Chubbi. Hong Kong doesn't have much grass lands so I can only walk her on concrete land. However, my new apartment has a doggy park with grasslands for her to run wild in ^_^ A few years later when I return back to UK, I will take her with me and I know she'll love life in UK. 


Sunlight piercing through gaps of the trees.


This is Suki and she is my aunty's dog. She is so cute and well trained. In fact, she kind of reminds me of Chubbi because she's so energetic and friendly. 


We saw apple trees in the park too! So cute!


Took a picture of our fire place of our graduation pictures. I can't believe that my siblings and I are all grown up now. All the girls now have university degrees ^_^

I still miss Chubbi though. This picture was sent to me by my sister and it just melted my heart. She looks so cute!!!


This is how I look 95% of the time I am back home lol. Sexy huh?

Ok, I'm going to wrap up this post now. Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and hopefully it will paint an image in your head on what life is like in Northern Ireland hehe. Until next time, take care.

Much Love,

Bubz xx

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