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The Bubz Meet & Greet Event

Hey everybody,

I'm sitting at the airport now waiting for my connecting flight to Dubai. It's just passed midnight and I'm already so tired. Today was an emotional day for me because I'm parting with my pup Chubbi for 3 weeks. When I left, it felt like she knew I was going because she looked extra sad. She even made her way into my suitcase and sat on top of my clothes as if she was saying 'Take me with you' lol. I miss her now =( But I'll see her after 3 weeks and my sister will take good care of her. Since I have one hour to burn, I'm going to write about my experience of my Meet & Greet. Let's go!

So I woke up around 10am to check up on my skin because I recently got another allergy *_* I will never eat seafood again because now I really know it isn't worth it. Damn greed + hunger! Anyways, I was happy to see that the redness cleared up a bit but it was obvious that my face was still very dry and patchy. I didn't want to cancel because I really wanted to see you guys before I head back to UK so I just hoped for the best really.

So I got ready and headed out with my little sister April and my friends Ken and Ian. I was so nervous on the train because I was worried nobody would turn up and they were scaring me about people egging/stabbing me (lol). We got to causeway bay and we headed towards Times Square entrance. On the way, we already met a few Bubbi Supporters and it was really nice hugging them and talking to them (and their guardians XD). Got to the meet up area and I was greeted by some more lovely girls and the rest was a blur after.

Suddenly, I saw these people crowding around me and I realised these people are actually here to see me. It was crazy because before I knew it, there was huge amounts of people. I actually didn't know what I should do because I realized all eyes were on me and so I just smiled and greeted everyone. I didn't expect to get gifts, letters and cards so I was in shock receiving them. Seeing you guys was already special enough but to receive gifts from you guys? I was in total awe because it's so thoughtful and sweet. To everybody that came to the meet & greet, thank you so much for taking the effort and time to see me. I know you guys really care and it seriously makes my day to have you guys supporting my channel. It was funny because security made us leave so I was told to run so people would follow. A huge mob of people legged it down several streets and I was so worried that people would get hurt because some people would ask for photos whilst crossing the road. 


It was truly a day to remember and despite the painful red face, it was def worth it seeing everybody. During meeting everybody, I didn't feel my face sting but after everything- MAN my face was stinging so much because the sweat was irritating my dry patches. I actually had to go home right away after the meet & greet because of the stingy dry face and tiredness but I was smiling all the way home. 

So all in all, it was truly a day to remember because everybody was so friendly and helpful which makes me so proud to have such awesome subscribers. I cannot be more thankful and I hope to see you all again soon.

Here is some footage of the meet & greet below. Thank you to my little sis April for being camera girl. 

Pictures of some gifts, cards & letters I received from awesome people. 

This is too cute! Big thank you to Dom & Kylie for this awesome present. They obviously know me well because I am Lee Min Ho's biggest fan lol. Thank you guys so much for being thoughtful. It's even framed and all and it's even more special because you guys left a message at the back.


Big thanks to Janice & Colette for this adorable Forever Friends bear and card. I hugged the bear all the way home after the journey and it sits with my collection of Totoro plushies now. Of course, don't forget to subscribe to their channel "Cheesetocameraa".


Thank you to Mandy & Steffie for this adorable bow necklace. So cool because i have been searching for one for AGES and this one even has a little heart underneath it. I hope this didn't cost you too much either >.<

Forgive me if I'm wrong but inside the bag of these cute flower plushies was a piece of paper that said "From Maheema' so I'm guessing this is from Maheema? Thank you for this cute gift and apologies if I got the wrong name. I met a lot of people and I tried my best to remember people's names but I'm a forget person ^_^

This is a little custom made notepad from Vanessa and Audrey so I can use it for Bubbiosity video ideas. It even has their face pic (along with mine) on it. Thank you girlies for this notepad and your letter inside ^_~

Inside this Jill Stuart bag is a gorgeous nail polish. I'm actually wearing it on my nails now lol and is definitely something I would pick up for myself. Thank you Clarice for this thoughtful present! I managed to see you on camera but I hope we meet again <3

A really sweet girl gave me these dental sticks for Chubbi. This is so thoughtful and I know Chubbi will LOVE these. I apologise for not being able to get your name in my head though, was a lot of people that day =/ Hope you won't be mad with me girly. Thank you once again!

This is a hand made necklace from Melizza! Thanks a lot hun and hope we can talk more sometime. 


Thank you to Angeleena & Stephanie for this kick ass dinosaur card! It's sooo cute!

I <3 your letters !

Now time for pictures taken with you guys! ^_^ I made a collage yesterday because I was bored (insert lame but HEY! I think it's cool!) Thanks to everybody that sent in your photos! Keep them coming because I will save them in my computer.


Thank you again everybody and I hope to see you again sometime ^_~ Until next time, take care!

Much love,

Bubz xx

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