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Just my luck (fml)


Why am I so greedy? The other day, I had dinner with my friends and having ate nothing all day - I was SUPER HUNGRY. The first dish that arrived on the table was salted chilli squid and it smelled so good. My best friend warned me not to because I am so allergic to seafood but my hunger won over my senses and I reached for the salted chilli squid. It tasted so nice so I ate another...and another...and another....Thinking back, dinner was so good sob sob...You guys can guess this already, I got another allergic reaction. Got nobody to blame but myself and I have the meet & greet tomorrow but red face or not - I will make it to see you guys. Just praying that tomorrow, it will look less obvious because normally it takes me at least a week to recover from it. I AM NEVER EATING SEAFOOD (apart from salmon & tuna sashimi) AGAIN!! Who am I kidding though? lol...

Salted chilli squid...You are my worse enemy...yet you look and smell so good...sob sob T_T

So apart from the annoying allergy, I'm happy to announce that my little sis is currently in Hong Kong with me. I'll only see her for a few days because I'm jetting off to UK soon but when I come back, I'll be able to spend time with her. Today when I was taking a nice relaxing bath, she barged in because she said she needed to pee real bad. A minute later, she's like "Can I take a poo too?" =__= So funny.

I uploaded a quick tutorial today. It's a how-to video on how to make lips appear fuller and more luscious. It's not a voice over one so I may appear a bit goofy. Hope you guys enjoy this anyways.

Great, I just changed my bed sheets and Chubbi just climbed up the bed. She looks so comfy that I feel bad kicking her off. Today when I was having lunch (by lunch, I mean my left over kfc chicken rice), she did her usual doggy begging. I shooed her off and she ran off and returned 5 minutes later with a flower in her mouth. Aww so cute but still, I was on the 'no' about her eating my lunch. 

Hmm...I'm pretty nervous about the Meet & Greet tomorrow. Last time, I did it with Peter Chao so it wasn't as nerve racking but hopefully this time will be good too. I think my skin allergy might have me feeling a bit self conscious tomorrow... >.< damn you seafood! Please please please heal tomorrow! *prays*

So what have I been doing lately? I've been catching up with friends and normally I don't party much but I managed to go to a bar with friends 3 nights in a row (which is A LOT for me). I think I'm done and dusted with the clubbing thing but it's always nice meeting friends for drinks. When I was in uni, I used to travel far for parties and make it back for an 8am lecture! How was I even able to do this? Getting old lol....

Here are some piccies of some night outs. 


I don't know about you guys but after a night out, CONGEE is a must. 

Ok, going to wrap up this entry. I'll vlog tomorrow's meet & greet for you guys and hopefully my face won't look too irritated lol.

Song of the entry is 'Fiction' by B2ST. I can't stop listening to it because it's so freaking catchy. 

Night Night world!

Bubz xx

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