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COME SEE BUBZ (Meet & Greet)

Hello my beautiful ones!

As promised, I'll be doing a Hong Kong Meet & Greet before I fly back to UK. I know quite a few of you are visiting Hong Kong for holidays so I figured now would be a great time. I'm so excited because I finally get to meet you guys and give you all flying hugs. I'm still shocked knowing there are actually people on earth who would even want to bother making effort to see me o_O If you're free, come by and say hello for a little chat and hug. I would love to see your faces and know more about you. I'm actually pretty nervous about it so if I look nervous, it's because I am alright? XD I'm going to Vlog the event so if you have a Youtube channel, maybe you can share it with Bubz viewers too. It'll be fun ^_^


Date of the Meet & Greet: 9th July 2011

Location: Times Square (outside the mall)
Time: 3pm
Dress code: If you are over 5ft 3, you are not allowed to wear heels lololol jk jk

Remember to follow me on Twitter incase I'm running late etc.

See you soon ^_~

Much love, 

Bubz xx

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