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City Hunter & Europe Trip

Hello beautiful ones ^.^

Just chilling with Chubbi on my lap as I type today's diary entry. I have been catching up on City Hunter recently and although I said the drama was okay a while back, it's actually getting pretty good. That's the sucky thing about dramas, they create these 'PERFECT' characters with 'PERFECT' personas and we know that in reality - these people don't exist. We can only dream and drool. For example, I'll never be Jandi who gets whisked away by Jun Pyo Oppa and I'll never be Na Na who gets saved by City Hunter lol. 



Hei...every girl wants to be rescued and especially by Lee Min Ho. Every time he gets hurt, it hurts my heart too sob sob. The soundtrack for the drama is actually pretty good too. My fav song from the soundtrack is this one (check below). I'm actually listening to it now as we speak. 

I posted the Best Friend video yesterday and I'm really glad that you guys enjoyed it. We kept laughing whilst filming this and I guess this is how best friends are when together. A lot of you guys asked for bloopers but honestly, there weren't much because we were goofy all the way through. When I miss Annie, I can just rewatch the video and I know it will make me smile. I've been in Hong Kong for over 1.5 years now so I only get to see her a handful of times but when we see each other, it doesn't feel like we've lost a single minute. I'll be doing a Boyfriend Tag video next but for now, you can watch our Best Friend video below ^_~ 

Here are just some pictures that we took together ^.^ 

Many of you have been asking about the arrival of my makeup brushes. They are now made and everything but we decided to launch them after my return to Northern Ireland/Italy/Germany/Netherlands. August should be a solid month for launch and I can't wait!!! I also have a whole bunch of videos lined up including a video on Girl Talk. I'm nervous but excited to make these girl talk episodes so we'll hopefully be discussing topics such as growing up, puberty, boys, high school etc. It should be fun(ny) ^.^ 

I can't believe I return to Northern Ireland in less than 2 weeks. I'm so excited to be back in my old bedroom. Do you guys still remember my bedroom with the flowers on the wall? I'm excited to eat the Salted Chilli Ribs from my family's restaurant 'The Royal Thai', I'm excited to see my dog Max and I'm even more excited to see my family again. Most of my friends are actually in Hong Kong while I'm back in my home country =_= but family is most important so I will be spending majority of my time relaxing at home/chilling with my parents/granny. I'll be spending about 2 weeks in Northern Ireland and 10 days traveling around Europe. I actually have no idea what is on the holiday agenda because I'm actually joining my boyfriend's family for holiday this year but I'm sure it will be loads of fun. I'll vlog it (as always) for you guys anyway. I really want to visit Japan again though, it's the most amazing country that I've visited so far. I miss the ramen sniff sniff...

Wow guys, have I really been in Hong Kong for this long? Seems like yesterday that I left everything behind to pursue a career in Hong Kong... Time really flies doesn't it? Apparently I'm losing my Norn Irish accent too >.< I don't need to speak much english in Hong Kong and when I do, it's mainly when I speak to you guys (filming) or when I hang out with my BBC friends (who are from England and speaks with an english accent) so maybe my accent has weakened. But every time I go back home, you guys always mention that my accent becomes stronger lol. Either way, I will try to do a Meet & Greet before I leave Hong Kong. I want to meet you guys so badly and want to give you all flying hugs! 

Ok, I'm going to do a bit of reading before bedtime. Take care everybody and sweet dreams.

Much love, 

Bubz xx

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