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I love my Best Friend

Hello guys,

Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend. I just got back from walking the dog so currently chilling here in the apartment with a nice cup of green tea. Is it me or is June flying for you guys? I uploaded another 'DIY Beauty Tutorial' yesterday and I was actually nervous about it because I showed some pretty bad ass pictures of my skin reaction. But just want to thank everybody for being so sweet about it. I want to tell you guys that I DO understand what it's like to have bad skin days because I get them too. We're only human and sometimes, poo happens right? 

So what else? I haven't really updated my diary much because not much has happened. It's always same old lol. Still preparing for my makeup brush collection and my T-shirt range is currently getting restocked so really just been waiting. Don't you guys wish there was more drama in my life? Maybe a good fall out with another makeup guru or something... I'm afraid not actually haha... 

Today during dinner, I was talking to my boyfriend and he mentioned how little 'girly friends' I have because I tend to get on better with guys. Immediately, I tried to disagree but actually this is true. My guy friends CONSTANTLY question whether I am really a girl which is funny because my parents do the same thing. I realised today just how uncomfortable I am around girly ladies. Don't get me wrong because there is nothing wrong with being girly of course but damn, I am seriously awkward around girly girls. I think this is why I was never popular in High School because my vulgarness seems to scare girls off because it creeps them out but as my little brother says, "Life is only fun if you're a creep sometimes". But I do remember trying to be girly and failing miserably during school. What about you guys? So cool because I'm in my 20's now so I'm no longer trying to 'fit in' into a group because I can just be myself.

I would say the only girl that I am most comfortable talking to is my best friend Annie. I think it's because we are so alike. I love her ^.^ She's actually in Hong Kong and we got to chill out together last night. She is so sweet and bought me back 'Monsters Munch' crisps because she knows I love them and they cannot be found in Hong Kong. We've known each other for over 8 years now and even though we're far apart, we still remain so close. She's agreed to do a best friend tag with me too! Yeysies! So Annie, if you are reading this- I LOVE YOU MAN! Even if you can be aggressive sometimes (actually, most of the time). So I'm just going to fill the rest of this entry with pictures. Isn't she pretty? 


I love you Annie! Bring me more Monster Munch crisps please!! Heheee ^_~ So what else? Chubbi is sleeping away next to me. She is crazy nowadays because she can jump on sofas now and this causes problems because it means she can reach a lot of stuff. She actually managed to open my bag, take out my EOS lipbalms (both of them), open them up and EAT the lipbalms!!! Lucky the ingredients are natural and she was fine. She puts everything in her mouth. Some of you guys have been asking for pictures of her but she's actually going through shedding season/puppy uglies. Pom puppies only have one coat of fur but as they grow older, they'll have 2 coats. She's shedding her puppy coat and currently looks bald and awkward lol. It will take her 5 months to grow her pomeranian coat. For now, she'll look like an awkward dandelion but it's ok because I still love her. Tim always complains that I treat her better than I treat him.


Here is my family dog, Max wearing a Pikachu hat. He looks so cute! I miss him and I can't wait to see him in July.


I like this one! Pika no happy!


I've been wearing my hair straight for the past few days. I've noticed how BIG my hair is when it's straightened from the permed hair. I don't even tease it and it's already huge. 

Ok guys, going to wrap up this post now. Until next time, take care!

Much love,

Bubz xx

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