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Different sides of me

Hello my lovelies,

Recently in an interview, I was asked why I seemed so 'normal' in my Bubzbeauty channel while coming across as 'crazy' in my Bubbiosity channel. I thought this was such a great question that I wanted to share the answer in a diary post as well. I figured you guys must wonder the same thing too? Lol, well I guess all I can say is you cannot reveal how a person's personality really is from a few videos. Like most people, I have a serious side and I also have a humorous side and especially with my Bubzbeauty channel, I try to keep the material relevant to beauty I guess? 

Honestly, I never thought I would have a Beauty channel AND a Comedy channel together. Sometimes, people ask me if I ever 'cringe' from my Bubbiosity videos because I come across so 'unladylike and vulgar'. Honestly, maybe a little but I can honestly say that I enjoy making people laugh. I like being silly and sometimes it's just fun to not take yourself too seriously. If I can choose again, I would probably make my Comedy channel first because to me, making somebody laugh is probably one of the best feelings in the World. 

So in conclusion, my Beauty channel is a place for me to share the little things I learn from the World of Beauty, Hair and Fashion while my Comedy channel is a place for me to just be random and hopefully make people laugh. It's not that I have a 'split' personality, it's just that my personality can never really be defined in a single (or numerous videos). Only my family and friends would really know that Bubz (or Lindi) is like if that makes sense? lol... 

So yeah, now that that's answered we can move on to something else hehe. Oh, a lot of you guys requested for a Bloopers video so I compiled one for you guys today. You can check it out below.

Big thanks to everybody that subscribed to my brother Ricky. You guys should've seen his face light up whilst reading the comments. I'm a very proud sister and I have no doubt he will do well. 

They got 'Bubzbeautified'. Now who else wants a makeover from the Bubz? ;)

I feel like i haven't really sat down and properly caught up with you guys. Sometimes, I type for ages talking to you guys but today I realised that I don't get to listen to you guys. I wish there is a 'comment' option for this website so I can read your comments and what you guys have to say. When my sister is less busy, I will definitely ask her to put this option on the website. She is just very busy in Australia at the moment and I don't want to pester her. Nonetheless, I am very happy and thankful with this website she designed for me. 

Ok, I'm going to go answer some questions on the 'Ask Bubz' section of the site now. They have been accumulating so I better get cracking. 

Much love,

Bubz xx

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