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Make a Wish

Hello guys!

I'm in such an amazing mood teheheee! The room is so breezy thanks to Mr Air Con and I'm wearing the most unflattering PJs and LOVING IT. Mum bought me some Pajamas before she left for United Kingdom =( I miss her. I miss her even more because it's her birthday and she had to fly back to Northern Ireland that day. But I did get to have a wonderful dinner with her the day before and we even went to eat ice cream after, just like the way we used to.

Some of you guys watched my recent vlog video and have commented that mum is very beautiful and young looking. Thank you guys so much! I actually told her this and you guys should've seen her face lol, her smile was so big that you can fit a hanger in her mouth. You're all in her good books!

What else? Oh! My mortgage got approved wohooo! I officially have peanuts in my bank account now lol but it's cool because it's all for a good reason. So I should be moving into the new apartment about 4-7 months time and hopefully in this period of time I'll be able to save up for furniture and decoration. 

I think I know why I'm in such a good mood actually. I received the most beautiful message the other day from 2 beautiful sisters and thinking about it puts a MASSIVE smile on my face. I don't know if you guys have heard of 'Make a Wish' foundation, if not, it's basically a meaningful foundation that grants wishes to brave children. Their family decided that they want to fly to Hong Kong to see little me as a wish. Can you believe that? What an honour! I would love to meet them and take them out eating, shopping, playing and of course - I would LOVE to hear them sing because I have heard them and they sound like angels. I'm just so excited!!! I can't wait to meet them. I'm just shocked that out of all of the people to meet in the World, they chose a simple girl like me. I'm just so happy thinking about it and it's things like this that reminds me THIS is exactly why I make videos on Youtube. This is the most rewarding thing for me. EVER. Period.

Double win-win is that I finally have an idea for a Bubbiosity video. I felt so bad neglecting the channel for so long. To be honest, my brain was super constipated lol. But yes, I'm so excited to tell you guys that Leon, Ricky and Tim (yes my boyfriend) is going to participate in my next Bubbiosity video. The best part is, they're going to be dressed up very HOT (if you know what I mean *wink*). Actually, I'm not going to spoil it so I won't say much about it yet. It WILL be about High School so you guys should be able to relate to it. I'm just so excited because it's been too long since I had guests to help me out in a Bubbiosity video. It's not as exhausting because usually I have to act all of the characters which takes FOREVER. But let me tell you that I am totally looking forward to put my beard on. 

Some of you have been asking how Chubbi is. She's very good, she's definitely getting bigger which is a good sign. She's still very clumsy but I'm less worried now because she is sturdier. She's due for her final injection on 28th and afterwards, she'll be able to allowed outdoors and I'll be walking her daily. I think she's going through 'shedding' season because she is losing so much hair. I've been told it's because she's changing coats and apparently poms experience this in their 4th or 5th month so it makes even more sense. I can't wait until she looks like a ball again!!! =D Some people have been making assumptions that she is a poorly bred pom or mixed. Let me tell you that I've met her parents and they are full poms. She's actually chewing away at her toys right now beside me. She's so cute and she just makes my day. I can just look at her and burst out laughing because she makes me so freaking happy. 

Ok guys. Time to set off and spend some time with the pup. Oh! I'm thinking of getting my hair done tomorrow...I'm so sick of straight hair and I'm thinking of permanently curling my hair like Princess Curls. Not full on curly hair but just loose curls halfway down my hair or something. Ahh well, we shall see. OH OH! Skin is actually a little better today too thanks to my Cetaphil lotions. Hurry up and recover skin so I can make tutorials please! Heheee...Good night World ^_~

This pic was taken when I went to Japan in December 2010. I miss it so much, such a beautiful country ^.^

Much love,

Bubz x

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