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Hey guys!

It's currently 2.29AM meaning that it is no longer the 21st May in Hong Kong. I found that even though lots of people were saying things like "this guy who claims the World is going to end is a false prophet. No way is it going to be the 2nd coming" yet somewhere deep in their hearts they weren't 100% certain. Perhaps they were 99% certain but there's that 1% of that 'maybe' factor. I want to share something that Jesus tells us. He says "Do not let your heart be troubled. Trust in God. And trust in me". When nothing seems to make sense, when my heart is saddened, when I need reassurance; I trust in the Lord ^_^ Have lots of Faith. Actually, I want to share this video with you guys. I watched this video today and after, I was just in complete awe. 

I also want to thank all of you guys for recommending me the author Francis Chan. I'm reading 'Crazy Love' at the moment and even though I'm just half way through it, I'm really enjoying it. 

You know what guys?  I'm going to be honest with you guys tonight. I used to think that I should just keep my Faith to myself. I thought it would be the best thing to do because I wouldn't offend anybody and if they get converted? That'll be great because this means I'll be able to share the joy with them. I figured God will do His work and I'll just continue to serve Him in my own way. Why I thought like this? Being on Youtube doesn't make me famous. I'm an ordinary girl who was brought up in Northern Ireland. I think I mentioned something about praying on Youtube and then some people complained. From then, I realised that people can be very sensitive on Youtube and I thought I'm no longer in a place where I can speak my mind. 

Then it dawned on me. Jesus lit up my life for me but yet I'm not going around shining this lamp that he lit for me. It's as if He is asking me "Are you ashamed of me?" So then on, I confessed my sins for being selfish. This is why these days, I live by the motto 'As long as He sees my Heart' because it doesn't matter what other people think anymore. I'm happy to run with this torch and if I can, I'll pass it on to another person. Like a relay, we'll continue to pass the torch (Light) until we reach the finishing line. 

I'm not a perfect person guys. Some people think being a Christian is all about being perfect. Some people turn away from Christianity because they've had bad experience in a Church or perhaps some Christians (who turns out to be hypocrites). Christians are just normal people because they still eat, sleep, work and sin! I just want to point out that I don't try to make myself look like a perfect person. I'm not innocent because I'm guilty for sinning every single day. As much as I'd love to say that I want to serve Him, I admit to say I'm only a lukewarm Christian. What is lukewarm? It's neither cold or warm. Not good enough. We'll never be good enough, but God has mercy on us.

My days are always consumed with work that my days fly by. On some days, I'll do a half hearted 3 minute prayer before bedtime (whilst being half asleep). I make excuses to spend time with the Lord. In some way, I think He gave me this 'skin rash/irritation' to force me NOT to make videos and edit so I can spend more time getting to know Him. But I am trying =) I'm willing to try and I'm willing to learn every single day. I know I'm just a little person in this World. Sometimes when I watch TV and I see the significant people in the World such as the President, Oprah etc. You can't help but feel so little. But you know what? These "significant" people will probably last about 4-6 years in the limelight and that'll be it. If Jesus died for my sins, that must really mean I am worth it to Him. I'm not insignificant because I'm important to Him. So is each and every single one of you. Whether you are agreeing with me or not, I want to tell you that God really loves his children, even those that have forsaken Him. When people question "Why would a Loving God send his children to Hell?", they forget that God doesn't "send" people to Hell. He hates Hell because He hates sin but He gives each and everyone of us free will. It's down to us whether we seek or reject Him.'s 3.38AM now. This post somehow ended up being very long lol...I'm going to end it off right here. But guys, hopefully after you read this - you won't roll your eyes. You can unfollow by unsubscribing to my Youtube if you want, but you know what? I'm not going to keep my Faith to myself anymore. Maybe He gave me a blessed audience so I can shine the Light for Him? Who knows hehe, I'll do my best and I'll be praying for you sexy bum bums tonight. Until next time, take care guys ^_^

Much love,

Bubz xx

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