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World is ending?

Well hello sweetcakes!

So Chubbi is running around the apartment right now causing havoc as we type. So today is Fridayyy Fridayyy, wondering what you guys are up to tonight? First of all, I uploaded a Vlog  today. It's mainly clips of my family and actually, you guys will get to see Ricky (my brother) and Leon (my cousin) again. They'll actually be in Hong Kong for another month so hopefully you guys will see them more often. Anyways, you can watch the video below here.

I've been so busy writing lots of content for and trying to write a Bubbiosity script that I feel like I'm behind on my Beauty channel. My skin is still trying to recover so can't really film tutorials yet so it kind of forces me to script write more. These past two nights have been fun because I've been watching Stephan Chow movies before night time as "research" and "inspiration". He has to be my fav actor of all time! 

Speaking of actor, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 4 yesterday with some friends. It was alright I guess, but I thought the first three were better. My brother was clueless throughout the entire film (he hasn't seen the previous three films before) but his fav part was the scene with the mermaids. So typical! Was a bit weird to watch POTC without Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly but Captain Jack Sparrow made up for it hehe. 

So it's actually 2am which means that it's now 21st May 2011. So apparently there's this guy who predicted that the World is going to end today. He says a huge earthquake is going to occur and disasters are going to keep coming until October 21st (when the World will end once and for all). I had so many tweets from worried followers stressed out regarding this. While it's a good thing to be prepared, I also want to say that the Bible clearly says that no man or angel will know when the end of time is coming. It always tells us to beware of false prophets. So don't worry guys =) If this guy is so smart, he wouldn't have missed out the very simple passage from the Bible that tells us that no-one except the Lord will know when end of time will come. 

It's just kind of a coincidence because I've actually been studying the book of Revelations for the past week and honestly, it overwhelmed me. So much goes on about what'll happen and to be really honest with you guys, it kind of scared me. I wasn't afraid for myself, I was afraid for my loved ones. Not just my loved ones actually - just the majority of the population of the World. But I just have to hold on to my faith and believe that God is a Righteous God and He is Right. This means He knows what He is doing. But going back to the topic of 'World Ending', no - I personally don't think it's going to end today because the Bible tells us we won't know when the time comes. If you can believe in horoscopes, magic or this 'prophet', why not the Bible? Lol, so don't worry guys.

If the World really is to "end" tomorrow though, what would you guys do? Some say they'll eat like there is no tomorrow lol, some say they'll spend it with their loved ones. If you're still feeling afraid, then just pray =) In a quiet room, calm your heart and just confess how you feel to Him. If you're afraid of what other people might think of you, do it in your own privacy. I used to be self conscious of praying because I'm not so good with words but I realised I don't have to talk in a certain way or act in a certain way. I can just be myself because He knew me before I was even born, He knew me when I was a little girl, He knows me today and He'll know me tomorrow and forever. Sometimes when I'm mad, I just tell Him how I really feel instead of just telling him what I think He wants to hear. Somehow, He will speak to me and bring me back peace in my heart. Just be honest and let your heart pour out to Him and I'm always amazed with how a simple little prayer can always restore my soul.

Oh! Actually, I just remembered that I'll be seeing Hillsong United Live on June 4th 2011 in Hong Kong! I'm so excited because I'm such a huge fan. Below is one of my fav songs and it's called Hosanna. It's so powerful and moving.

I hope you guys don't mind me talking about my faith in my post. Actually, to be really honest...even if it offends or upsets you - I'm sorry to say that it won't stop me from talking about my Faith. It's up to you whether you want to continue watching my videos but I just hope you guys won't mind. It will mean even more if you guys rejoice with me ^_^ corny but *cough* moving on.

Maybe one day, I'll talk about why I turned to Christ and how it's changed me as a person hehe...But all you guys need to know is that I'm so happy. Even if I were struck by an illness now with months to live? I know I'll still be blessed because I got to know Him in my life. He is all I'll ever need. 

Ok guys...I'm off to sleep now. Have a busy day tomorrow because I have to sort stuff out with landlord and also do an interview. Have a wonderful weekend everybody. 

Much love,

Bubz xx

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