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What did I do to deserve this?


What did I do to deserve this? My heart feels like it's going to explode =') 

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Today is MY DAY!


Nothing like a quiet evening with the dogs. Tim is off to play table tennis with some friends so I'm enjoying some quality alone time. Guess what? I just put up my Christmas tree!!! I mean, it's not the biggest tree but a Christmas tree is a Christmas tree right? I think my home looks MUCH more merrier already. Looking at it makes me happy...

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Twitter Q&A (Series 2)


Twitter Q&A Vol.2   - Let's answer your questions! Do you and Tim want a baby boy or girl first? Where do you get your self esteem from? If you can have any superpower in the World, what would it be? Name one of your annoying habits. What's your secret recipe for beauty? and more. 

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A Thank You... (+ new vlog)


I had such an amazing time back home. I mean, I always enjoy myself but this time just felt so much more different. It felt like everybody got a lot closer. I got to have an awesome hen party with my closest girlfriends, marry the love of my life, meet my baby nephew for the first time, enjoy family time, have massive friend reunions and so much more. It's just been such a blessed beautiful time. So I just want to say a few words to some very special people in my life... 

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We became Hubz & Bubz!

hubznbubztempAs some of you already know, Tim and I finally became Hubz and Bubz on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We can't believe that a whole year of wedding planning just passed by with a blink of an eye...

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