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Taking a Break


'The time you spend "away from your desk" will come back to you multiplied in terms of more energy, increased effectiveness, and heightened creativity' - Michael Neill.

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Love the Girl in the Mirror


Love the person you see in the Mirror. When I look at the mirror, I see a loving girl looking back at me with eyes that look for goodness in others and herself. Instead of looking for the bumps, wrinkles and flaws- look beyond these external factors.

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Tree of Dreams, Gym & Diablo 3


Painting, tree of dreams, gym, Diablo 3, BlogTV and ....

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Open your Heart


Let your heart be supernaturally refreshed from this read.

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Funny or Hurtful?


I always say focus on the people who matter to you. What happens when it's the people who you matters to you the most hurt you?

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