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Twitter Q&A (Series 1)

TWITTER-QAI answer your Twitter questions such as: Why does Tim always sleep on the couch? When do you guys want kids? What would you do if you were a boy for a day? What's my biggest fear and more.

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My Fitness Process, Honeymoon Destination, Wedding and BABIES?

fitnessprogresstempSome pictures of my fitness progress, our honeymoon destination, 4 weeks till the wedding and ... babies?

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My week in LA


I'm BACK from LA! Here is a diary entry of my time in Cali and why I'm glad to be back home ^_^

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Farting In The Car Vlog & LA Meet & Greet Details

FARTINGTEMPNew Vlog: FARTING IN THE CAR! Also, some details on my LA Meet & Greet. I want to meet you guys!

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Panda Girl!


Just another diary update to let you guys know I'm still alive ^_^. Sorry about the lack of updates.

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